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Amaziah Richmond

AMAZIAH RICHMOND 7 (Amaziah 6, Amaziah 5, Ebenezer 4, Ebenezer 3, John 2, John 1) was born in Athens, Vt., March 21, 1809. He married, first, October 17, 1835, Harriet Blackburn, who was born in 1812, and died June 23, 1846; [married] secondly, at Salisbury, Mass., December 23, 1847, Sarah Ann, daughter of Joseph Currier (who was born May 17, 1785, and was a son of Jonathan and Sarah [Graves] Currier) and Sally (Follansbee) Currier. She was born in Freeport, Me., February 18, 1819, and on both sides of the house came from Puritan ancestors, who settled in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630, receiving a grant of land from the Crown, near Amesbury, which is still in the family. Amaziah Richmond lived many years in Amesbury, Mass.; removed in 1853 to Burke, Wis.; thence, after one year, to Whitewater, Wis. He was a prominent stock-raiser and farmer, well known in the State for his high-grade Devon cattle and merino sheep. He retired from active business, on account of his health, about 1870. He has been a prominent temperance worker during his whole life, and is a devout Christian. He was a rank Abolitionist, and very influential in his town. His wife died in 1885. He lives at the present time (1896) at Elkhorn, Wis., and is a very handsome old gentleman--six feet two inches in height, and weighing two hundred and fifty pounds.

4986. Amaziah 8, born 1842; died 1842.
4986a. Harriet Louisa 8, born May 25, 1846; married George E. Chaffee

Harriet (Richmond) Chaffee (age 24), her husband, George (age 25 & born in Vermont), and their 2 year old son, Hubert [7 July 1868 - 2 May 1890 per the "Chaffee" Genealogy]) were living next door to Harriet's father and step-mother in Whitewater, Walworth Co., Wisconsin, in 1870.

1880 WI Walworth, Whitewater
George CHAFFER Self M W 34 VT Farmer NY VT
Hattie CHAFFER Wife M W 34 MA Keeping House VT ENGLAND
Hubert CHAFFER Son S W 11 WI At School VT MA
Emma CHAFFER Dau S W 8 WI At School VT MA

In 1900, the Chaffee family, George (b. Aug 1845), Harriet (b. May 1846) and children Clifford (b. July 1890), and widowed daughter-in-law, Ella [Elting]* (b. Sept 1868), who had one child [Hubert Elting Chaffee, b. 14 Aug 1890] (still living). Harriet had 3children/2living according to the 1900 census. There also was a daughter of George & Harriet (Richmond) Chaffee's, Emma May Chaffee, born 13 Nov 1871 according to the "Chaffee" genealogy.

*Ella married 2nd George Faye. In 1910 George is a veterinary surgeon & Ella is a physician. Ella's son, Hubert E. Chaffee, age 19, is living with the family, as is Ella's widower father, Roeliff Elting. Ella had sisters, Marian Hill, Grace Uglow and Jessie Elting. Ella (Elting) Chaffee Faye, died in 1950 as did George Faye.


4986b. Joseph Thomas 8, born Nov. 9, 1848, in Salisbury, Mass.; died May 7, 1849.
4986c. Francis A 8, born July 15, 1851, in Amesbury, MA.; died Nov. 1, 1853.
4986d. Enos Soule 8, born Feb. 17, 1855; married Alice G. Richmond.
4986e. Joel Warren 8, born Jan. 20, 1857; married Helen N. Clark.

Amaziah Richmond raised merino sheep in Walworth Co., Wisconsin.

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