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Enos Soule & Alice (Richmond) Richmond

ENOS SOULE RICHMOND (8) (Amaziah 7, Amaziah 6, Amaziah 5, Ebenezer 4, Ebenezer 3, John 2, John 1) was born at Whitewater, Wis., February 17, 1855. He married, at Appleton, Wis., August 7, 1879, Alice Geneva, daughter of Norman C. and Elizabeth Yates (Atkinson) Richmond (see No. 7395). She was born in Appleton, Wis., February 5, 1854. They resided at Whitewater and Appleton, but were settled at Oshkosh, Wis., in 1896. He graduated at the Normal School in Whitewater in 1878, was Principal of the High School at Oregon, Wis., 1879 and 1880, and at Packwaukee, Wis., in 1881. He changed his business on account of his health, and in 1883, removed to Appleton, Wis., and took charge of a large manfactory; afterward became superintendent of an extensive business in Oshkosh, where he was well known in church, school and social matters, as well as in his manufacturing business.

Norman Soule, born June 11, 1880, in Appleton.
Edith, born 1881; died in 1881.
Eva Sarah, born February 25, 1883, in Appleton.

Enos Soule Richmond, age 5, with his parents in 1860 (

The Enos Soule Richmond family was found here in the 1900 census. Alice's mother, Elizabeth, is probably living next door to the family. Did they have a daughter, (Alice) Virginia, ca 1903?

Norman Soule Richmond was found in Chicago in 1910:

Richmond, Norman S, 30, married 1, 2 yrs, WI WI WI
", H. C., wife, 27, married 1, 2 yrs 0children/0living, WI IL IL

Norman was in Chicago in 1920 as a brother-in-law to Frank Callaghan(?) along with Norman's wife, Hetsie (sister-in-law), and others.

In 1930 Norman, Hetsie, and Norman (b. 1912 ) were in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin.

Eva (Richmond) Seaton was the daughter of Enos Soule & Alice (Richmond) Richmond, and the wife of Edward Seaton. She was a member of the DAR. They were living in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1920 and in 1930, along with daughter Alicia.

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