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Leigh Richmond And Nellie Emerson

6262.  Leigh Richmond, 8,  (John Bours 7, Perez O. 6, Perez 5, Perez 4, Silvester 3, Edward 2, John 1) [b. 5 Oct 1848]  [Leigh Richmond married Nellie Emerson].

Name: Leigh Richmond
Census 1850
Event Place:  Swansey, Bristol, Massachusetts
Gender: Male
Age: 1
Race: White
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John B Richmond M 33 Rhode Island
Harriet E Richmond F 28 New York
Clara E Richmond F 5 Virginia
Leigh Richmond M 1 Massachusetts

residence:    Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
birthplace:    Rhode Island, United States
martial status:    Married
age (expanded):    30 years
occupation:    Bookkeeper
     Household    Gender    Age
      Legh Richmond    M    30
spouse    Nettie B. Richmond    F    25
child    Harriet E. Richmond    F    3M

Leigh Richmond died in 1893:

Event Date: 18 Dec 1893
Event Place: Dover
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Marital Status: Married
Father's Name: John B Richmond
Mother's Name: Harriett Cooper
Clerk's Jurisdiction Place: Dover, , New Hampshire

Nellie (Emerson) Richmond died 12 August 1917, and was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover, New Hampshire:

Event Date (Original): 12 Aug 1917
Event Date: 12 Aug 1917
Event Place: Dover, , New Hampshire
Gender: Female
Spouse's Name: Leigh Richmond
Father's Name: Daniel E. Emerson
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Roberts

Leigh Richmond and his descendants are all Mayflower descendants through Silvester (3) Richmond's wife.
Nellie (Emerson) Richmond was an heir of her parents, Daniel and Elizabeth Emerson.  Elizabeth Emerson also named Hattie E. Webb as an heir (Hattie is likely Harriet Richmond, daughter Leigh and Nellie).

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James Richmond, Grantor, Deed 9-316

New York Land Records, Columbia Deeds 1858-1859...:


Columbia County, New York
17 April 1858
James Richmond*, Of Livingston, Columbia, New York
Robert Blacom, Junior, Of The Same

Also mentioned were David Miller, James Best, Robert Blacom (Senior)

*This James Richmond?

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Roy Richmond Whiting

Roy Richmond Whiting 10 (Ambrose Whiting 9, Phidelia Richmond 8, Henry 7, Stephen 6 , Edward 5, Benjamin,4, Edward 3, Edward 2 , John 1) was born in New York.

Obituary Dated 30 March 1946

Roy Richmond Whiting

Census 1900
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Ambrose R Whiting Head M 50 New York Amanda J Whiting Wife F 50 New York Peter H Whiting Son M 29 New York Ambrose R Whiting Son M 12 New York [Roy Richmond Whiting] Robert Gstettner Unknown M 29 Austria

Census 1910 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Ambrise R Whiting Head M 60 New York Amanda Whiting Wife F 58 New York Herbert Whiting Son M 39 New York Roy Whiting Son M 22 New York

Census 1930 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Roy R Whiting Head M 42 New York Mildred A Whiting Wife F 39 New York Gladys E Whiting Adopted daughter F 10 Vermont

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Charles Ackley, son of Elizabeth Richmond

#5354 Charles Ackley 8 (Elizabeth Richmond 7, Silvanus 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born ca 1811.  He was an Episcopal clergyman in New Milford, Conn.

Connecticut, United States
Charles Ackley M 58 New York
Elisabeth Ackley F 59 New York
Margaret Ackley F 23 New York
Julia Ackley F 19 New York
Mary Ackley F 16 Connecticut
Kate Carrol F 20 Ireland

Reverend Ackley as well as his daughters Frances and Julia were heirs of their uncle, Thomas Ackley.

History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble, of Westfield, MassachusettsBy L.M. Boltwood, included the following:

Alfred Henry Noble's wife, Eleanor Acly, died in 1879.

Reverend Charles Gardner Ackly (Ackley) died 24 March 1880 according to his memorial at FindAGrave.

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Blanche Hutchinson

Blanche Hutchinson 10 (Ernest Hutchinson 9, Ruth Richmond 8, Morris 7, Sylvester 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1), born in Michigan.  Her mother's name was Helen (Nellie) Thompson.  Blanche was born on February 10, 1878, in Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Michigan, although her birth was registered in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan.

Mrs. Helen Hutchinson remarried, as did her ex-husband, Ernest.

Name Wilfred B. Wilde
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 14 May 1896
Event Place , Hanover, Michigan, United States
Spouse's Name Helen M. Thompson Hutchinson
Spouse's Age 45
Spouse's Birthplace Lyons, N.Y.

Blanche was living with her mother, Mrs. Wilde, her brother Luther Hutchinson, and her stepbrother, Marcus Wilde, in Fremont, California, in 1910:

Fremont, Santa Clara, California
Suther S Hutchinson Head M 37 Michigan
Helen Wilde Mother F 58 New York
Blanche Hutchinson Sister F 32 Michigan
Maros Wilde Stepbrother M 18 Michigan

Blanche married William Foster in 1910.

Name William Foster
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 01 Jun 1910
Event Place Santa Clara, California, United States
Gender Male
Age 39
Birth Year (Estimated) 1871
Spouse's Name Blanche Hutchinson
Spouse's Age 32
Spouse's Gender Female
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1878

Census 1920
Mountain View, Santa Clara, California
Wm Foster Head M 48 England
Blanche Foster Wife F 40 Michigan
Pearl Foster Daughter F 11 California
Helen Foster Daughter F 6 California

Census 1930
Mountain View, Santa Clara, California
William Foster  Head M 59 England
Blanche E Foster Wife  F 51 Michigan
Helen M Foster Daughter F 16 California

Census 1940
Mountain View..Santa Clara, California
Blanch Foster Head F 63 Michigan
Helen Foster Daughter F 25 California

Blanche Hutchinson Foster died in 1956:

Name Blanche Foster
Event Type Death
Event Date 17 Jul 1956
Event Place Santa Clara, California, United States
Birth Date 26 May 1878
Birthplace Michigan
Gender Female
Father's Name Hutchinson
Mother's Name Thompson

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Robert Coventry #2557

#2557. Robert Coventry 7 (Rachel Richmond 6, Cyrus 5, Cyrus 4, John 3, Edward 2, John 1) married Harriet Bomsteel.

This one?


Name Robert H. Coventry
Spouse's Name Maria Bonestale
Event Date 26 May 1839
Event Place Protestant Reformed Dutch Church Of Leeds,Catskill,Greene,New York

Maria Coventry mentioned on this message board:
Found in Greene County: Newspaper notice from 21 April 1866:
John Bonestel of Catskill died at age 74.Wife: Deborah, son Martin, executor.People named in notice:

Deborah, of Catskill
Charles D. Bonesteel, residing at Austin, Nevada Terr.
Julia Ann Fitch, residing at Willoughby
Jarva and Baker Bonesteel of Cross, Indiana
George Bonesteel, Albert Bonesteel, and Maria Coventry of Troy, NY,
all Heirs at law and next of kin of John Bonesteel, late of town of Catskill.
1870 Census taken in Troy, Rensselaer, New York:

Robert H Coventry M 54 New York
Maria L Coventry F 52 New York
Charles Pattison M 28 Vermont
William Campbell M 26 Scotland
Bernard Smith M 27 New York
Eliza M Harris F 59 New York
Ella Evars F 20 New York
Thomas Hooper M 26 Maine
Catharine Howard F 12 New York
Ellen Hooper F 24 Maine

Maria L. Coventry (Wife of Robert H. Coventry)
Rensselaer County, New York
14 September 1870
Recorded: 8 February 1871
Image 202
Witnesses: C. E. Patterson; LaMotte Rhodes, both of Troy, Rensselaer, New York
Daughter Julia A. Shelly, wife of Henry Shelly
Sister, Julia A. Fitch, wife of George E. Fitch