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(John) Richmond Reed Carradine

John Carradine (born Richmond Reed Carradine) was the son of Genevieve Richmond and *William Reed Carradine.  See a brief bio in Wikipedia.  The Richmond lineage:  (Genevieve  9, Horace 8, Killian V. 7, Benjamin 6, Cyrus 5, Cyrus 4, John 3, Edward 2, John 1).

Carradine as a young man (age 9) in 1915:

Event Type: Census 1915
Kingston, Ulster, New York
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Relationship to Head of Household: Student
Years in United States: 9

His first marriage:

California, County Marriages, 1850-1952
Name: Richmond Reed Carradine
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 31 Dec 1935
Event Place: Los Angeles, California
Birth Year (Estimated): 1906
Father's Name: Wm Reid Carradine
Mother's Name: Genevieve Winifred Richmond
Spouse's Name: Ardanelle Mccool Cosner
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1911
Spouse's Father's Name: Ambrose R Mccool
Spouse's Mother's Name: Edith Foster

Son David (John Arthur Carradine) born to (John) and Ardanelle Carradine.  Ardanelle's son, Bruce, was adopted by John.

Census 1940
Los Angeles, California
Last Place of Residence: Same Place
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Richmond R Carradine Head M 34 New York
Ardanelle M Carradine Wife F 29 Colorado
Bruce J Carradine Son M 7 California
John A Carradine Son M 3 California
Glenn H Anderson Servant M 30 Nebraska
Doris E Anderson Wife F 29 Nebraska

California, County Marriages, 1850-1952
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 25 Mar 1945
Event Place: Los Angeles, California
Birth Year (Estimated): 1906
Father's Name: Wm Reed Carradine
Mother's Name: Genevieve Winifred Richmond
Spouse's Name: Sonia Henius
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1922
Spouse's Father's Name: Henry Robert Henius
Spouse's Mother's Name: Lillian Dorothy Fuess

Sons Christopher, Keith and Robert were born to (John) and Sonia Carradine.

  • In 1957 Carradine married Doris Irving Rich Grimshaw.
  • John Carradine married 4th, Emily Cisneros in 1975.

*William Reed Carradine was the son of Beverly Francis Carradine and Laura Green Reid:

Census 1880
Brandon, Rankin, Mississippi
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Beverly Carradine Self M 32 Mississippi
Laura R Carradine Wife F 29 District of Columbia
Reed Carradine Son M 8 Georgia
Maude Carradine Daughter F 6 Mississippi
Guy Carradine Son M 2 Mississippi
Lula Carradine Daughter F 0 Mississippi
Mary C Carradine Mother F 62 District of Columbia
Mary E Carradine Niece F 12 Mississippi

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Additional Docs From Charles More's Probate

The first post about Charles More's probate file here.  Charles was the son of Cynthia (Richmond) More (Cynthia was my great-great grandmother).

Inventory [Image 760]
1/4 real estate minus dower for mother (parents' property)

Also see Image 740Image 742Image 747Image 748Image 752

Petition For Appointment Of Administrator (mentions Cynthia More, mother)

Newspaper notice

Image 765 (real estate)
Image 766
Image 767
Image 768
Image 773
Image 774 (real estate another copy)
Image 775
Image 777
Real Estate description in Newspaper Notice
Image 779
Where the NewspaperNotice was posted
Image 782
Image 783
Image 784
Image 786 died at the residence of James L. Moore in Thornville
Image 787  real estate
Image 788
Image 789
Image 790
Image 791
Image 792 Final Account
Image 793 Algie More, heir at law
Image 794
Image 795
Image 796
Image 797
Image 798
Image 799
Image 800 Newspaper
Image 801
Image 802
Image 803
Image 804
Image 805
Image 806
Image 807
Image 808
Image 809 property with dower rights and Charles More's share sold
Image 810  "
Image 811
Image 812
Image 813
Image 814
Image 815
Image 816
Image 817 Last Page !!!!

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#931. James Richmond

-931. James 6 (James 5, Silvester 4, Ebenezer 3, John 2, John 1) , married in Canada.  Nothing has been heard of him since the War of 1812, and nothing is known of his decendants. [His mother was Desire Gorham]

From this family tree:

Lois Day...married James Richmond, Jr., son of James Richmond and Desire Gorham.

Children of Lois Day and James Richmond, Jr. are:
+Elizabeth "Betsey"Richmond, b. 27 November 1819, New York State, d. 1885, Michigan.
James Charles Richmond, b. 01 June 1821, Augusta Twp., Oneida Co., NY, d. 1895, Michigan.
Samuel Day Richmond, b. 09 March 1823, Dunries Twp., Brant Co., Ontario, Canada.
Daniel Richmond.
Darius Chase Richmond, b. 19 December 1829, Blenheim Twp., Waterloo Co., Ont., Canada, d. 18 July 1908, Woodstock, Ont..

From GenForum:

Actually there is no proof that this James lived in Canada other than the fact Joshua Bailey Richmond's book

There is also other documentation in a book titled "The History of Deerfield" that mentions this family... .

My Mayflower descendants go through the Gorham's back to John Gorham. John married Desire Howland, daughter of John Howland.

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Abigail Richmond #317

Abigail was the daughter of Cyrus Richmond and his 2nd wife, Phoebe Mott.

#317. Abigail Richmond, 5 (Cyrus 4, John 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Stonington, Connecticut, July 16, 1743.  She married Daniel Cunningham, who was born in Derry, Ireland [ca 1731], and died December, 1819.  They removed to Canada in 1795, and lived in Hallowell, Prince Edward County.  He was one of the survivors of the massacre at Fort Henry.  [Daniel m. 1st Sarah Winslow; children Patience and Charles]

From the Ontario Historical Society:


Their children per a message board:

William's children:  Stephen, Stephen Spencer, Etta

Mary m. George Baker
Sarah m. Benjamin Leavens
Martha m. Amos Bull

From Pioneer Life On The Bay Of Quinte:


Many years ago a small boy, perhaps about twelve years old, was standing on the quay side of the River Liffy, in Dublin, watching the dock hands and sailors load cargo on the lighters which were 'to convey it out to the vessels lying in mid-channel. One of the sailors picked up the boy and took him on the lighter, which put off for the ship's side. The little fellow, whose name was Daniel Cunningham, thought the trip a delight, and was in great glee when the man suggested his going on board.

When discovered by some of the crew, Daniel was not unnaturally regarded by the captain as a stowaway; and stowaways were of frequent occurence and had to be dealt with after a summary fashion. The captain compromised matters in a way that was quite the custom in those days. He decided that to pay the passage money he would sell the boy as. an apprentice, when the ship reached New York. A Friend stood by and saw the boy while the sale progressed. He conceived a liking for his handsome features and well bred bearing, and felt great pity for his distressed condition. He bid, and fortunately for Daniel, bid the highest price.

Daniel, at first, was placed among the other servants, but his superior nature and breeding could not but be recognized by the good Friend and his wife. They decided to take him from the kitchen and rear him with their own family, which consisted of an only daughter. When Daniel was received at the board of his master and friend, he began the romance of his life. Having received a good education, and being endowed with a clever brain and a bright mind, he won, not the affections alone, but the confidence of his master, and thrived prosperously in business, being made a partner in the firm. If his progress in the well won esteem of his master was great, his hold on the affections of his master's daughter proved strong enough for her to become his wife; but she did not live for many years after her marriage, but died in giving birth to her only child, Charles.

After the death of his young wife, Daniel Cunningham is again lost sight of, until it is found recorded in the history of the Richmond Family that he married Abigail Richmond.

Daniel Cunningham, owing to the rules of the Friends' Society, went to Connecticut to marry his second wife. Some few years later, the Revolutionary War broke out, and Daniel was pressed to take up arms. But no matter what threat, what deprivation he suffered, he would not carry the " instruments of war." His aggressors might tie and lash' the arms to his body, but he would not voluntarily carry them; and under no consideration could he be made to use them. Seeing that these endeavours were utterly hopeless, it was thought that by placing him on board a man-o'-war he could be compelled to participate actively in some form of warfare. But he does not seem, even then, to have violated his principles, for after sailing for some time along the American coast he was imprisoned in the gaol at Richmond, Virginia, where he died after a couple years' confinement. By Abigail Richmond, his second wife, he had : William, who married Fanny White ; their descendants appear in the table annexed; Sarah, who married Benjamin Leavens; Mary, who married Joseph Barker and Martha, who married Amos Bull. 

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Minnie Colman Way

Colman, 9 (Hannah Amelia 8, Abiathar (7), Abiathar (6), Gideon (5), Nathaniel (4), Edward (3), John (2), John (1)); born about 1866. Married in Connecticut. One child.

Name: Minnie Coleman
Gender: Female
Christening Place: Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Birth Date: 23 Nov 1867
Birthplace: Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Father's Name: Charles Coleman
Mother's Name: Amelia Richmond

Name: Wesley Francis Way
Event Type: Birth
Event Date: 27 Feb 1897
Event Place: North Adams, Massachusetts
Race: white
Father's Name: Wesley M. Way
Father's Birthplace: New Haven, Ct.
Mother's Name: Minnie E. Coleman
Mother's Birthplace: Northampton

Name: Minnie E Way
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1900
Longmeadow Town Holyoke city, Hampden, Massachusetts
Marital Status: Married
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Number of Living Children: 4
Years Married: 11
Birth Date: Nov 1867
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Marriage Year (Estimated): 1889
Father's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother of how many children: 5
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Wesley M Way Head M 30 Connecticut
Minnie E Way Wife F 33 Massachusetts
Charles W Way Son M 10 Connecticut
Louie H Way Son M 7 Connecticut
Minnie L Way Daughter F 5 Connecticut
Addie V Way Daughter F 1 Massachusetts

Name: Minnie Way
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1905
Event Place: Jefferson, Iowa, United States
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Marital Status: Married
Birth Year (Estimated): 1869
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Father's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Card Number: 425

Name: Minni E Way
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1920
 Titusville, Crawford, Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Age: 52
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
Can Read: Yes
Can Write: Yes
Relationship to Head of Household: Roomer
Birth Year (Estimated): 1868
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Father's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Phoebe Chase Head F 81 New York
Minni E Way Roomer F 52 Massachusetts
Addie V Way Roomer F 20 Massachusetts
Arthur W Way Son M 14 Iowa
Hazel G Smith Roomer F 25 Pennsylvania

Name: Mimie Way
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1930
Titusville, Crawford, Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Age: 62
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Birth Year (Estimated): 1868
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Father's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Mimie Way Head F 62 Massachusetts
Addie Way Daughter F 30 Massachusetts
Arthur Way Son M 24 Iowa
Laverna Curry Granddaughter F 10 Pennsylvania
Arthur J Curry Grandson M 7 Pennsylvania

Name: Minnie Way
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1940
Titusville City, Crawford, Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Age: 72
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Birth Year (Estimated): 1868
Last Place of Residence: Same Place
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Minnie Way Head F 72 Massachusetts
Addie Way Daughter F 40 Massachusetts

The Titusville Herald (Titusville, Pennsylvania), Thu, Dec 1, 1960, Page 4. ... Louis A. Way of Kenosha, Wis., arrives for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Minnie Way.

This Wesley Way, husband of Minnie Richmond Way, in Texas?

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Obituary of George Richmond, Inventor

Grand Rapids Herald
4 August 1898, Page 3
Death of George Richmond

Lansing, Mich.--Aug. 3--George P. Richmond,aged 49 years, is deceased -- had a national reputation as a printer and had resided here for many years.  He claimed to be the first inventor of the telephone and telegraph.  Filed for patent about the same time as Bell Co.  So formidable were Richmond's claims that the Bell Co. sent an agent to this City who offered Richmond $40,000, and a yearly salary of $2,000, for life if he would withdraw his application for a patent.  This offer Richmond refused and ultimately the Bell Company beat him out in the patent office.

Death Date: 02 Aug 1898
Death Place: Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
Age: 48
Birth Date: 1850
Birthplace: Ohio
Occupation: Dentist
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Mother's Name: Silence B. Buck

United States Census, 1850
Java, Wyoming, New York, United States
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Robert W Buck M 42 Massachusetts
Rosilla Buck F 34 New York
Samuel Buck M 18 New York
Rebecca Buck F 16 New York
Cecil D Buck M 14 New York
Julia Buck F 12 New York
Gerret S Richmond M 2 Ohio
George J Richmond M 0 Ohio

United States Census, 1870
Michigan, United States [Clinton Co.]
Birthplace: Ohio
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
R W Buck M 62 Massachusetts
Rosella Buck F 54 New York
Jennie Buck F 8 Michigan
Geo Richmond M 20 Ohio
Ozelle Hunt M 9 Michigan
Minnie Hunt F 7 Michigan

George Richmond was a descendant of Sylvester Richmond and Harriet Covell.  Sylvester was the son of Edward Richmond and Elizabeth Powell (who are presumed to be my ancestors).


 From the Richmond Family book:

302. EDWARD RICHMOND5  (Benjamin4, Edward3, Edward2, John1) was b. in Little Compton, R. I., July 7, 1723. He married, in 1736, Elizabeth Powell. He died about 1804. Residence, Spencertown, N. Y.

 +939. SYLVESTER6, married Harriet Covell.