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Ernest Hutchinson

St. Joseph River (Photo Was Not Taken In St. Joseph County)

Ernest Hutchinson 9 (Ruth Richmond 8, Morris 7, Sylvester 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1), born 1844 in Michigan.

Scio, Washtenaw, Michigan
L M Hutchinson M 27 New York
Ruth Hutchinson F 25 New York
Earnest Hutchinson M 4 Michigan
Mary Hutchinson F 69 Connecticut
Esther Ann Doremus F 15 New York

Census 1860
Sturgis, St Joseph, Michigan, United States
Luther Hutchison M 38 Connecticut
Ruth Hutchison F 35 New York
Ernest Hutchison F 14 Michigan
Mary Glasby F 14 Indiana

Event Type: Census
Event Place: Michigan [Sturgis, St. Joseph]
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Luther N Hutchinson M 52 New York
Ernest Hutchinson M 24 Michigan
Nellie Hutchinson F 20 New York

Ruth (Richmond) Hutchinson died 6 May 1870 according to Ancestry.  Her husband Luther died 5 November 1900.

Ernest Hutchinson married Nellie Thompson on 6 October 1869, in St. Joseph County, Michigan. They had a daughter, Blanche, born on February 10, 1878.

Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan
Earnest Hutchenson Self M 33 Michigan
Hellen Hutchenson Wife  F 30 New York
Earnest F Hutchenson Son M 9 Michigan
Luther L Hutchenson Son M 5 Michigan
Blanch E Hutchenson Daughter F 2 Michigan
Monroe Evins Other M 38 New York
Cad Wagner Other F 24 Michigan

Ernest married Mary McCluskey in 1890 in Wisconsin:

Name E. M. Hutchinson
Birthplace Syo, Michigan
Spouse's Name Mary E. Mccluskey
Spouse's Birthplace Valparaiso, Indiana
Event Date 21 Jun 1890
Event Place Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Father's Name Luther Hutchinson
Mother's Name Ruth Richmann
Spouse's Father's Name Edward Mccluskey
Spouse's Mother's Name Sarah Reed

Mendon village, St. Joseph, Michigan
Ernest M Hutchinson Head M 54 Michigan
Mary E Hutchinson Wife  F 32 Indiana

Ernest with his wife, Mary, in 1910.

Death Date 10 Jan 1914
Death Place Mendon, St. Joseph, Michigan
Birth Date 1846
Birthplace Mich.
Occupation Dentist
Marital Status Married
Father's Name Luther Hutchinson
Mother's Name Ruth Richmond

Ernest's Death record from the Michigan Archives online database.

Name Wilfred B. Wilde
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 14 May 1896
[Jackson], Hanover, Michigan, United States
Birth Year (Estimated) 1857
Birthplace Adrian, Michigan
Father's Name William Wilde
Mother's Name Nichols
Spouse's Name Helen M. Thompson Hutchinson
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1851
Spouse's Birthplace Lyons, N.Y.

Ernest Hutchinson's former wife was married to Wilfred B. Wilde when the census was taken in 1900:

Battle Creek city Ward 3, Calhoun, Michigan
Wilfred B Wilde Head M 44 Michigan
Helen M Wilde Wife  F 50 New York
Grace E Wilde Daughter F 19 Michigan
Nina E Wilde Daughter F 17 Michigan
Arthur E Wilde Son M 16 Michigan
Cornealus? Wilde Son M 14 Michigan
Ralph W Wilde Son M 12 Michigan
Florence E Wilde Daughter F 10 Michigan
Maicus R Wilde Son M 8 Michigan

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Arthur Vernon Richmond

Arthur Vernon Richmond 10 (Charles M 9, Hiram 8, Charles, 7, William, 6, Adam, 5, Stephen, 4, John, 3, Edward, 2, John 1). Arthur, Charles M., Hiram and Hiram's father Charles were not found in the Richmond Family book. Arthur's mother was Kathryn (Dean) Richmond Guthrie.

In 1910 Arthur (Archie) Richmond was living with his grandmother, Mrs. Abigail Dean, in Bradford, Pennsylvania:

Bradford, McKean, Pennsylvania
Mrs. Abigail Dean Head F 59 Pennsylvania
Archie Richmond Grandson  M 9 Pennsylvania

Name Archie Vernon Richmond
Event Type Draft Registration
Event Date 1917-1918
Event Place Cattaraugus County no 1, New York, United States
Birth Date 27 Aug 1900
His contact person was Mrs. John R. Guthrie of Olean, New York

Census 1920
Olean...Cattaraugus, New York
John R Guthrie Head M 39 Pennsylvania
Kate Guthrie Wife  F 34 Pennsylvania
Archie Richmond Stepson M 18 Pennsylvania

In 1920. Arthur's father, Charles, was remarried and living in Delaware County, Ohio, with his oldest two children of his second marriage.

Mrs. Catherine Guthrie, wife of John R. Guthrie...passed away this morning at the West Side Hospital, following an operation. Besides her husband, she is survived by one son, A. B. Richmond, this city; one sister, Mrs. Susie Yost, Olean; one brother, Albert Dean, three grandchildren... .  Burial will be in Bradford. 

Arthur married Margaret Carney in 1921 and had three children.  He died in California in 1986.

Arthur V Richmond
Event Date 27 Dec 1986
Event Place Marin, California
Birth Date 27 Aug 1901
Birthplace Pennsylvania
Mother's Name Dean

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Richmond To Neefus Deed 73-192

New York Land Records, 1630-1975  Columbia Deeds 1882-1883...:

1 February 1877
Edward H. and Sarah F. Richmond
Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Of The First Part
Robert H. Neefus, 
Of Claverack, Columbia County
Of The Second Part

Claverack, Columbia, New York
Robert H Neefus M 43 New York
Rachael R Neefus F 38 New York
Ann Neefus F 18 New York
Elisabeth Neefus F 16 New York
Robert H Neefus M 11 New York
Hannah Richmond F 60 New York
Mary Drown F 45 New York

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Edward H Richmond Self M 45 New York
Sarah F Richmond Wife  F 45 Virginia
William M Richmond Son M 20 Virginia

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Richmonds In Deed 9-314

New York Land Records, Columbia Deeds 1858-1859...:

Source [Image 165]

10 April 1858
Robert H. Neefus And Rachel R., His Wife, And Edward H. Richmond
all of the town of Claverack, Columbia County, And
Lorenzo P. Whiting And Phildelia T., His Wife
Of The Town Of Rhinebeck, Dutchess County
Parties Of The First Part
Hannah Richmond, Of Claverack
Party Of The Second Part
Quit Claim

Also mentioned Rev. Frederick F. Tiffany, Jacob Youngs, Mrs. Betsy Currie, Jerome B. Tuttle, Peter B. Hermance, Harry Richmond, Dennis and Sarah A. Stow

The Richmond Family Book included the following:

2453. Henry Richmond 7 (Stephen 6 , Edward 5, Benjamin,4, Edward 3, Edward 2 , John 1) was born in Hillsdale, N.Y., September 5, 1796, and died October 9, 1851. He married Hannah Van Hoesen. He was a merchant, and lived in Claverack, N.Y.

Children :
— 5258. Rachel 8, born about 1822; married Robert Nephus; resided in Claverack, N. Y.
— 5259. Philetus 8, deceased in 1858.
— 5260. Phidelia 8, married Whitney, and resided in Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
— 5261. Edward 8  unmarried in 1859.

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Albert J. Ackley

Albert Journeay Ackley 9 (Thomas Ackley 8, Elizabeth Richmond 7, Silvanus 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1).

Source - Albert Acley and Horace Hurlbutt, Jr., Sole Heirs
Louis A. Gladding, Et Al, Trustees, Etc., Of Sarah Emeline Acly

Death Date 08 Feb 1902
Death Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Birth Date 1817
Spouse's Name Thomas R. Acly
Father's Name Albert Journeay
Mother's Name Anna Journeay

Census 1880
Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
Sarah E Acly Self F 58 New York, United States
Albert J Acly Son M 38 New York, United States

1890 Special Census - Providence, R.I.
Documenting Albert Acly's Service In The Civil War

Census 1900
Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Albert J Acly Head M 53 New York
Nellie R Acly Wife  F 50 England

Albert J. Ackley died 22 March 1903.

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Edward Richmond, Deed 27-246

New York Land Records...Steuben Deeds 1836-1837:

Edward Richmond
 27-246 [Image 444]
25 February 1836
Between Matthew And Maria McDowell
Of The First Part
Edward Richmond (written as Richards and corrected)
Of The Second Part

Land in the Township of Wayne, County of Steuben, State of New York, being a part of Lot #1, in the second range of lots in Township #5 in the second range of townships in the Massachusetts Preemption lands....beginning at the corner of the aforesaid Edward Richmond's lot....

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Edward Richmond Deed 27-245

New York Land Records...Steuben Deeds 1836-1837...:

Richmond, Edward  27-245 (Image 443)
10 April 1835
Between Jacob Hoagland and Elizabeth, His Wife
Of The First Part
Edward Richmond, of the same place
Of The Second Part

land in the town of Wayne, County of Steuben, State of New York
Part of Great Lot #61, Township #5,
First Range of Townships in the Massachusetts Preemption Tract
Within The State of New York

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