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Mary Katharine Richmond #2143

2143.  MARY KATHARINE RICHMOND (John, Joseph, John, John, John, John) was born in Adams, Mass., March 14, 1823.  She married, November 22, 1843, R. M. [Return Meigs] Cole of Cheshire, Mass.


John Richmond Cole [single; d. 1913]
David Cole
Meigs Cole
Thomas M. Cole
Mary Kate Cole m. Harvey [Harry] Waldo Clark

...John and Chloe Richmond were New Englanders, the former a native. of Connecticut and the latter of Massachusetts.  They were the parents of four children, all of whom are living: John, the eldest, is a farmer in Adams Township, Mass.; Mary, wife of R. M. Cole, a merchant and farmer in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Mass.; the subject of this sketch, the third in order of birth; and Rufus, farmer in Pittfield Township, Mass. [Source]

From History of the Town of Cheshire, Berkshire County, Mass:

"In 1840 R. M. Cole entered the store on the hill as active partner, the business taking the firrm name of R. M .Cole.  This house of business built in 1806, holding the first post office has come down occupied as a place of business through all the years of the town's existence..." .

Cheshire, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Meigs Cole M 32 Massachusetts
Mary Cole F 27 Massachusetts
John Cole M 6 Massachusetts
David Cole M 4 Massachusetts

Cheshire Town, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Meigs R Cole Head M 83 Massachusetts
Mary K Cole Wife F 77 Massachusetts
John R Cole Son M 56 Massachusetts
David Cole Son M 55 Massachusetts
Jessie M Cole Granddaughter  F 26 Massachusetts

Event Type: Death
Event Date: 15 Apr 1904
Event Place: Cheshire, Massachusetts
Residence Place: Cheshire, Mass.
Gender: Male
Age: 86
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Cheshire
Birth Year (Estimated): 1818
Burial Date: 17 Apr 1904
Burial Place: Cheshire
Cemetery: Cheshire
Father's Name: David Cole
Mother's Name: Polly Rice

Event Type: Death
Event Date: 14 Aug 1911
Event Place: Springfield,,Massachusetts
Gender: Female
Age: 88
Marital Status: Widowed
Birth Date: 30 Mar 1823
Birthplace: Adams, Massachusetts
Father's Name: John Richmond
Mother's Name: Chloe Parker
Spouse's Name: R M Cole

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Mary Richmond #83


83.  Mary Richmond 4, (John 3, John 2, John 1) was born in Taunton, Massachusetts.  Mary married John Crippen (1720-1778), son of Jabez and Thankful (Fuller) Crippen. Thankful Fuller was a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Edward Fuller.

 Mary Richmond Crippen's children:

-John Crippen (1743 - 1830)
Children: Ichabod, John, William, Reuben, and Levi.

-Ezra Crippen (1745 - 1813)
Ezra was the ancestor of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen through Ezra's son Bradley.  This blog has more.  Oliver Crippen was also Ezra and Tabitha Crippen's son.

-Sarah Crippen Comstock (1751 - 1832)
  Samuel Comstock (1770 - 1818)
  Lovisa Comstock Snyder (1789 - 1856)
  Peter Comstock (1798 - 1874)

-Thomas Crippen (1751 - 1832)
  Silas Crippen (1779 - 1841)

- Roswell Crippen (1755 - 1814)
  Asa Crippen (____ - 1806)
  David Crippen (1785 - 1858)
  Daniel Crippen (1795 - 1846)
  John Crippen (1796 - 1875)

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Richmond Ancestry Of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen

A newspaper article describing the end of Dr. Crippen's fugitive status (below):

Fort Wayne Journal - 3 August 1910 (Fold3)

A brief description from Wikipedia:

Hawley Harvey Crippen...was an American homeopath, ear and eye specialist and medicine dispenser. He was hanged in Pentonville Prison for the murder of his wife Cora Henrietta Crippen, and was the first criminal to be captured with the aid of wireless telegraphy.

See a Crippen Ahnentafel here.  It includes Mary Richmond who married John Crippen.  Mary was #83 in the Joshua Bailey Richmond's Richmond Family book.

83.  Mary Richmond 4, (John 3, John 2, John 1) was born in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Mary and John were the parents of Ezra Crippen (1745-1813) who married Tabitha Crippen.

Ezra had a son, Bradley Crippen (1783-1855), who married Esther* Hard, daughter of Philo and Concurrence (Hawley) Hard.  They moved to Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan.  Son, Philo Crippen (1809-1890), also lived in Coldwater.

Coldwater Village, Branch, Michigan
Gender: Female
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Elliott Crippen  M 45 New York
Jenny Crippen  F 22 Illinois
Mary Crippen F 0 Michigan
Mary Tur Brudd F 25 France
*Esther Crippen F 73 Canada E

Coldwater Village, Branch, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Harvey D Robinson M 30 Vermont
Mary E Robinson F 27 New York
Philo B Robinson M 2 Michigan
Philo H Crippen M 52 New York
Sophia Crippen F 47 New York
Harriet J Wells F 17 New York

Myron Augustus Crippen (1835-1923) was the son of Philo and the father of the infamous Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen (1862-1910).

See the full text of "The trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen, ed. with notes and an introduction."

Coldwater, Branch, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Myron Crippen M 25 New York
Ordessa Crippen F 24 Pennsylvania
Ella Crippen F 3 Michigan
Jennie Lewis F 15 New York

Name: Hawley H Crippen
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1870
Event Place: Michigan [Coldwater, Branch]
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Myron A Crippen M 35 New York
Ardessee Crippen F 35 Pennsylvania
Hawley H Crippen M 8 Michigan
Amanda Pulver F 27 Ohio

[Myron] Augustus Crippen raised Dr. Crippen's son, Hawley Otto Crippen.  They were living in California in 1900.

Name: Hawley A Crippen
Birth Date: 1862
Birthplace: Michigan
Age: 25
Spouse's Name: Charlotte J Bell
Spouse's Birth Date: 1858
Spouse's Birthplace: Ireland
Spouse's Age: 29
Event Date: 13 Dec 1887
Event Place: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Father's Name: Myron A Crippen
Mother's Name: Artusee Shinner
Spouse's Father's Name: Arthur Bell
Spouse's Mother's Name: Susan Madden

Birth Date: 1862
Birthplace: Us
Age: 30
Spouse's Name: Corinne K Turner
Spouse's Birth Date: 1873
Spouse's Birthplace: Us
Spouse's Age: 19
Event Date: 01 Sep 1892
Event Place: Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Marital Status: Single

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Amaziah Richmond Family Bible Records

Census 1880
Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont
Gender: Male
Age: 80
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Occupation: Saddler
Birth Year (Estimated): 1800
Birthplace: Vermont
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Loring Richmond Self M 80 Vermont
Susan Richmond Wife F 80 New Hampshire

Event Type: Death
Event Date: 20 Nov 1881
Event Place: Vermont
Gender: Male
Age: 81
Father's Name: Amaziah Richmond
Mother's Name: Hannah Troop

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#7979 Ellen M. (Richmond) Endress

7979. Ellen M. Richmond, 9, (Benjamin T., 8, William D. 7, George 6, Edward 5, Perez 4, Silvester 3, Edward 2, John 1) born May 31, 1864 [d. 1941]; married Jan. 1, 1885, Charles Endress (1855-1936) [son of Samuel Enders and Nancy Rhodes].....

Michigan, Marriages, 1822-1995
Name: Charles E. Enders
Birth Date: 1856
Birthplace: Erie Co, Ny
Spouse's Birth Date: 1865
Spouse's Birthplace: Groveland, Mi
Event Date: 01 Jan 1885
Event Place: , Oakland, Michigan

Census 1900
Groveland township, Oakland, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Charles E Enders Head M 45 New York [b. Nov 1855]
Ellen Enders Wife F 36 Michigan

Groveland, Oakland, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Charles E Ender Head M 54 New York
Ellen M A Ender Wife F 45 Michigan

Census 1930
Ortonville, Oakland, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Chas E Enders Head M 74 New York
Ellen A Enders Wife F 66 Michigan
Charlotte Jirsh Sister F 82 New York

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#287. Wealthy Richmond

287. Wealthy Richmond 5, (Silvester 4, Ebenezer 3, John 2, John 1), [born about 1752]  married George Caswell (or Castle).

George Caswell, February 10, 1772
Hannah, March 25, 1775