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#2292 - Celia (Houghton) Packard

2292.  Celia [Diane] Houghton 7, (Sarah Richmond 6, Amaziah 5, Ebenezer 4, Ebenezer 3, John 2, John 1), born in Woodstock, Vermont, married Nathan Packard.  According to the Houghton Surname Project, Nathan Hudson Packard died at Spring Arbor, Jackson County, Michigan, on 1 September 1836.

BillionGraves Index
Name: Celia Houghton Packard
Event Type: Burial
Event Date: 1867
Event Place: Forest Lake, Lake, Illinois
Cemetery: Fairfield Cemetery
Birth Date: 1797


United States Census, 1860
Ela, Lake, Illinois, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Lawrence Lubing M 35 Ireland
Cilia D Lubing F 31 Vt [Loobey]
Alfred L Mc Kieff M 10 Ill
Marcilla Lubing F 5 Ill
Annastasia Lubing F 3 Ill
Allice M Lubing F 1 Ill
Lelia Packard F 63 Vt

From the Houghton Surname Project:

  Celia Diana Houghton
F, #8565, b. 1792, d. 1867
Father Israel Taylor Houghton b. 25 Nov 1767, d. 1830
Mother Sarah Richmond b. 19 Apr 1787, d. 26 Mar 1842
     Celia Diana Houghton was born in 1792 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., VT, USA. She married Nathan Hudson Packard in Feb 18, 1816 at Pomfret, Rutland Co., VT, USA. Celia Diana Houghton died in 1867 at Ela, Lake Co., IL, USA.
Nathan Hudson Packard b. 8 Jun 1792, d. 1 Sep 1836
Robert Packard+ b. 7 Aug 1816, d. 8 Feb 1895
Israel Alfred Packard b. 7 Sep 1818, d. 27 Nov 1897
Celia Diane Packard+ b. 27 Feb 1820, d. 25 Aug 1872
Cyrenus Hudson Packard+ b. 6 Jun 1822, d. 26 Sep 1863
Henry Packard b. 9 Jul 1824
Nathan Hudson Packard Jr b. 16 Jun 1826, d. 31 Oct 1891
Artemus C. Packard b. 2 Apr 1832, d. 14 Jun 1907
Charles B. Packard b. 1 Jun 1833, d. 13 Sep 1901

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Abigail (Richmond) Sisson

942.  Abigail Richmond, 6 (Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Spencertown, N. Y., and died in Hillsdale, N.Y.  She married Peleg Sisson.  They had no children, but she adopted Peleg Richmond, son of her brother Edward (No. 937).  Her husband deserted her, eloping with a person by the name of Van Volkengurg, by whom he had nine daughters.

From Sampubco:

From FamilySearch:

New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971, Columbia Wills 1820-1833 vol E-F, Page 169, Abigail Sisson:

Last Will and Testament of Abigail Sisson, Deceased
Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York
March 1821
Recorded: 15 April 1829

Brothers: Stephen, Edward, Sylvester, Martin
Betsey Ackley received $50. and gold beads [relationship not cited]
Charles Richmond, John Richmond, Ryle [Riley] Richmond, McCrosbe Richmond, children of Sylvanus Richmond, deceased

Volume F, Page 170
Bequeathed to:  Martin Spencer, Asa Richmond, John Richmond, Peleg S. Richmond, James Richmond, Peras Richmond, Henry Richmond, David Richmond, George Richmond, Sally Richmond (the wife of John Richmond), Sybel Spencer, Elizabeth Winn, Lavinia Terry
Sally Ann Richmond...

Martin Spencer and John Richmond, sole executors
Witnesses: Sibbel Fuller, Walter Frost, Jacob Minckler
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Nancy (Coventry) Fero

2556.  Nancy Coventry 7, (Rachel, 6, Cyrus 5, Cyrus 4, John 3, Edward 2, John 1), daughter of Alexander and Rachel (Richmond) Coventry, married John Fero [John Wesley Fiero, son of Peter and Mercy Cochrane Fiero; he married 2nd Julia Pitcher].

about 1814 - 10 November 1843

George /Fiero/ 
birth: about 1841
death: about 1843

son /Fiero/ 
birth: 1843
death: 1843

Nancy /Coventry/
birth: about 1814 
Columbiaville,Clmb.,New York,USA
death: 10 November 1843 
spouse:  John Wesley /Fiero/
birth: 27 September 1811
marriage: 30 May 1844
death: 18 November 1867

United States Census, 1850
Cairo, Greene, New York
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
John W Fiero M 38 New York
Julia Fiero F 25 New York
Eliza Fiero F 5 New York
Peter Fiero M 3 New York
John Fiero M 1 New York
Samuel Hyatt M 17 New York

New York, State Census, 1855
Cairo, Greene, New York
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Jhon W Fiero M 42 [b. Greene Co.]
Wife Julia Ann Fiero F 29 [b. Greene Co.]
Child Elisa Fiero F 5
Child Peter Fiero M 7
Child John Fiero M 5
Child Mary E Fiero F 3
Child James A Fiero M 2

United States Census, 1860
Cairo, Greene, New York
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
Jno W Fiero M 49 New York
Julia A Fiero F 35 New York
Eliza Fiero F 14 New York
Peter Fiero M 12 New York
Jno Fiero M 11 New York
Mary E Fiero F 9 New York
Jas N Fiero M 7 New York
Franklin Fiero M 2 New York

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George And Pauline (Richmond) Perley

Marriages--Yes we still have them. First the Perley scoop which you have all been waiting for. Here it is:

On Wednesday evening, March 7, at half past seven, Miss Ruth Adelaide Richmond, daughter of Mr. and Mrs., Benjamin Richmond of 12 George street and granddaughter of the late Rev. John Bours Richmond, became the bride of George Kimball Perley, Tech '14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac S.C. Perley of Rowley.
Harold Bours Richmond, Tech '14, a brother of the bride, was best man and her sister, Miss Pauline Richmond, attended her as maid of honor.

 The ushers...Theodore Carl Richmond, brother of the bride.

Miss Richmond comes of old Puritan stock, tracing her descent directly from John and Priscilla Alden and Isaac Allerton. Source

See The Perley Family Book here.

United States Census, 1940
North Hempstead Town, Nassau, New York
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head George Perley M 47 Massachusetts
Wife Ruth Perley F 46 Massachusetts
Son George Perley M 21 Massachusetts
Daughter Pauline Perley F 19 Massachusetts
Son Richmond Perley M 13 New York

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Richmonds In Livingston County, New York

The Livingston County, New York, Historian's Office has a search feature that revealed several Richmonds in their database:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Jerusha Houghton, Daughter of Sarah Richmond

2299.  Jerusha Houghton 7, (Sarah 6, Amaziah 5, Ebenezer 4, Ebenezer 3, John 2, John 1) born March 3, 1809, in Woodstock, Vermont; married Norwood [Norman] Call.

A 10 year old son, Erastus, died in 1837 in Woodstock, Vermont, and was buried in Smith Cemetery.

United States Census, 1850
Allenstown, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Norman Call M 39 Vermont
William N Call M 11 Massachusetts
Sarah M Call F 9 Massachusetts
Joseph M Call M 7 Massachusetts
John M Call M 7 Massachusetts
Elvira L Call F 5 Massachusetts
Franklin W Call M 3 New Hampshire
Francis H Call M 1 New Hampshire
Jerusha Call F 41 Vermont

In 1860 the Call family (children Elvira, Frank, Frances, and Randall) was living in Allenstown, Merrimack, New Hampshire.  See below:


 United States Census, 1870
Event Place:  New Hampshire
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Norman Call M 59y Vermont
Jerusha Call F 61y Vermont
Frank W Call M 23y New Hampshire
Frances H Call M 21y New Hampshire

Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915
Name: Jerusha Call
Event Date: 06 Jan 1882
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Residence Place: West Fitchburg
Age: 72
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Housekeeper
Birthplace: Woodstock, Vt.
Father's Name: I...D 
Father's Birthplace: Woodstock, Vt.
Mother's Name: Sally
Mother's Birthplace: Woodstock, Vt.

Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915
Name: Norman Call
Event Date: 17 Dec 1891Event Place: Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Residence Place: Fitchburg
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Retired Physician
Birthplace: Woodstock, Vt.
Birth Year (Estimated): 1811
Burial Place: Buckstreet, N. H.
Father's Name: Erastus

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Ardella (Richmond) Stiles

Ardella Richmond was the daughter of Russell and Angeline (Jackson) Richmond.  She married Marsena Luther Stiles.

United States Census, 1900
ED 79 Vermontville township Vermontville village, Eaton, Michigan, United States
marital status: Married [Marsena]
Household Gender Age Birthplace
head  Marsena L Stiles M 43  Michigan
wife Della E Stiles F 40  Michigan
daughter Nora Stiles F 21  Michigan
son Charles A Stiles M 18  Michigan
daughter Lena M Stiles F 10  Michigan
daughter Sibyl D Stiles F 8  Michigan

United States Census, 1930
event place: Vermontville, Eaton, Michigan
Household Gender Age Birthplace
head  Marsena L Stiles M 74  Michigan
wife Della E Stiles F 68  Michigan
son Charles Stiles M 45  Michigan