Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Takes Two To Industrial School

Are these people Richmond Book descendants?  Not sure.

Earl Clarence Richmond and his brother, Frank Leonard Richmond, were the subject of articles in the Grand Rapids Press:

Grand Rapids Press
30 March 1912, Page 2
Hard For Father
Takes two sons to Industrial School
Father, William Richmond
Sons, Frank, age 14, and Earl, age 11

Grand Rapids Press
1902-11-20, Page 1
Blew A Hand Off
Peculiar accident to little Earl Richmond
Found some "sticks"
2 1/2 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Richmond
235 Division Street

United States Census, 1900
Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head William Richmond M 50 Michigan
Wife Anna Richmond F 32 Michigan
Son Frank Richmond M 3 Michigan
Son Earl Richmond M 0 Michigan

United States Census, 1920
Grand Rapids Ward 3, Kent, Michigan
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head William H Richmond M 67 Michigan
Son Frank Richmond M 21 Michigan
Son Early Richmond M 19 Michigan

Saturday, November 26, 2016

#7759 Anna

The Richmond Family Book included the following:

William Richmond's daughter:

Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island
Wm A Richmond M 39 Rhode Island
Elisabeth Richmond F 35 Rhode Island
Anna A Richmond F 14 Rhode Island
Joseph C Pearce M 31 Rhode Island

Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island
William A Richmond M 49 Rhode Island
Elizebeth A Richmond F 41 Rhode Island
Anna A Richmond F 23 Rhode Island

Married Charles H. Norris (FindAGrave link)

From the FindAGrave memorial for Anna A. Richmond Norris:
Birth: Aug. 7, 1835
Bristol County
Rhode Island, USA
Death: Jan. 26, 1888
Fresno County
California, USA

Census 1870
Event Place Rhode Island [Bristol]
William A Richmond M 60 Rhode Island
Elizabeth A Richmond F 55 Rhode Island
Rebecca C Gorham F 38 Massachusetts
Angenette E Gorham F 13 Rhode Island
Rebecca Gorham F 9 Rhode Island
Charles H Norris M 37 Massachusetts
Anna A Norris F 33 Rhode Island

Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island
Charles H Norris Self M 46 Massachusetts, United States
Anna A Norris Wife F 44 Rhode Island, United States
Charles H Norris Son M 9 Rhode Island, United States
Williom A Norris Son M 6 Rhode Island, United States
Mabel E Norris Daughter F 5 California, United States
Waldo R Norris Son M 3 Rhode Island, United States
Elis Richmond Mother F 65 Rhode Island, United States
Caty Brien Other F 50 Ireland

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Richmond DNA

My lineage is outlined in the Richmond Family Book.  However, the book named Edward Richmond #937 as both the father and the grandfather of Elijah. Research aimed at resolving that issue has not gone well.

There are DNA matches between my immediate family and two Elijah Richmond descendants that confirmed what was already known through research.

Now there's a DNA match with a Richmond descendant who is not a descendant of Elijah's, which provided corroborating evidence that we Elijah Richmond descendants are also descendants of the original immigrant, John Richmond.

My projected lineage:

John Richmond
Edward Richmond m. Abigail Davis
Edward Richmond
Benjamin Richmond m. Mary Rogers
Edward Richmond m. Elizabeth Powell
Edward Richmond [#937]
[Proven lineage below]
Elijah Richmond m. Elizabeth Fowler
Thomas Richmond m. Laura Backus
Cynthia Richmond m. James More
Addie More m. William Powers
Ralph Powers m. Beatrice Cameron
Richard Powers m. J. Garrett

The DNA match's lineage:

John Richmond
Edward Richmond m. Abigail Davis
John Richmond m. Elizabeth Irish
Stephen Richmond m. Mary Lawton
Stephen Richmond m. Lucy Mowry
Sarah Richmond m. Nathan Lewis
Esther Lewis m. John Lawton
Emma Lawton m. Mr. Hart
Ms. Hart m.
DNA match person

The match does not resolve the "Edward Richmond" dilemma, but does point towards John Richmond the immigrant as an ancestor.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Ambrose Whiting

Ambrose Whiting 9 (Phidelia Richmond 8, Henry 7, Stephen 6 , Edward 5, Benjamin,4, Edward 3, Edward 2 , John 1) was born in New York.

Poughkeepsie City, Dutchess, New York
Lorenzo P Whiting M 37 Massachusetts
Phidelia Whiting F 33 New York
Mary A Whiting F 14 New York
Ambrose R Whiting M 10 New York

Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York
Lorenzo P Whiting M 44
Phidelia Whiting Wife F 38
Mary A Whiting Daughter F 19
Ambrose P Whiting Son M 15
Edward P Whiting Son M 2
Wm J Lang Cousin M 27

Census 1870 New York, United States [Dutchess, Poughkeepsie] Ambrose Whiting M 20 New York Maria Cornell F 50 New York Jane Cornell F 40 New York Amanda Whiting F 20 New York Arthuretta Whiting F 8 New York Ada Whiting F 6 New York

Census 1880 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Ambrose R Whiting Self M 30 New York, United States Amanda J Whiting Wife F 29 New York, United States Peter Hurbert Whiting Son M 9 New York, United States

Census 1900 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Ambrose R Whiting Head M 50 New York Amanda J Whiting Wife F 50 New York Peter H Whiting Son M 29 New York Ambrose R Whiting Son M 12 New York [Roy Richmond Whiting] Robert Gstettner Unknown M 29 Austria

Census 1910 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Ambrise R Whiting Head M 60 New York Amanda Whiting Wife F 58 New York Herbert Whiting Son M 39 New York Roy Whiting Son M 22 New York

Name Ambrose R Whiting Event Type Burial Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Affiliate Record Identifier 125256770 Cemetery Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery

Monday, November 14, 2016

John R. Wakelee

John R. Wakelee (Caroline Frances 7, Perez Otis 6, Perez 5, Perez 4, Silvester 3, Edward 2, John 1).

United States Census, 1900
Penfield Township, Monroe, New York
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head  John R Wakelee M 43  New York
Wife Mary Wakelee F 32  New York
Son Richmond Wakelee  M 17  New York

New York, State Census, 1905
Head of Household was John Wakelee
Only other member was Richmond Wakelee, his son

United States Census, 1910
Penfield, Monroe, New York, United States
Household  Gender Age Birthplace
Head John R Wakalee M 52  New York
Son  Richmond Wakalee M 26  New York

United States Census, 1920
Penfield, Monroe, New York, United States
Household  Gender Age Birthplace
Head  John R Wakelee M 62  New York
Wife Mary J Wakelee F 44  England
Son Richmond Wakelee M 35  New York

New York, State Census, 1925
Name:  John R Wakelee
Penfield, Monroe, New York
Gender:  Male
Age:  65
Nationality:  United States
Relationship to Head of Household:  Head

Source [17 Nov 1932]
The Herald Mail, Fairport, NY

Burials in Oakwood Cemetery:

Wakelee, John 807 I1 11/14/1932 John R. Wakelee   Age 75 and spelled Waklee in burial book. PC address of Fairport, NY RFD.

Wakelee, Mary E 807 H1  4/2/1905 John R Wakelee  Date of deed is 5/11/1900, DOI 1905, age 36, wife of John Wakelee

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Annie Walker Ackley

Annie Walker Ackley 9 (Thomas Ackley 8, Elizabeth Richmond 7, Silvanus 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1).  She married 1st, [Albert Granger] Ives and *2nd Frank Ruggles Gladding.

* Frank Ruggles Gladding
Spouse's Name Annie Walker Acly Ives
Event Date 09 Nov 1869
Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York
Father's Name Saint Gladding
Mother's Name Sarah Ruggles
Spouse's Father's Name Tho. R. Acly
Spouse's Mother's Name Sarah E. Journeay

A lawsuit concerning Annie's mother's estate:

Source - Albert Acley and **Horace Hurlbutt, Jr., Sole Heirs

Annie married 1st Albert Granger Ives and 2nd Frank R. GladdingHorace C. Hurlbutt (father of **Horace named as an heir in lawsuit above) was the husband of Leila Ives Hurlbutt (1866 - 1888).  Leila was the daughter of Annie Ackley Ives Gladding. Horace Hurlbutt, Jr., and Albert J. Ackley were the only two living heirs when Sarah Emeline Ackley died on 8 February 1902.

Rhode Island, United States
Frank R Gladding M 28 Rhode Island
Annie W Gladding F 25 New York
Lela L Gladding F 4 New York
Ann Lynn F 18 Ireland


Annie died some time before her mother's death of February 8, 1902.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Cyrus Richmond's Wife And Family

From the Clare Sentinel 16 November 1916, housed at Clarke Library at Central Michigan University:

Mrs. Ellen Richmond
From Farwell Correspondent

With the passing of Mrs. [Cyrus] Richmond, aged 87, another pioneer of Farwell is gone.  Mrs. Richmond came here from Canada 37 years ago and has resided in Farwell since.

The funeral was held on Friday afternoon at the home of her son Alfred with whom she had made her home.  A daughter, Mrs. [Harriet Emma May] Black of Detroit, was here for the funeral.  A son, James Richmond, lives at Laurel, Mississippi, a daughter, Mrs. [Ellen] Rounds, lives in the state of New York; another son, Wm. Richmond, lives in this place.

Cyrus Richmond of Lansing and Isabel of Lake George [grandchildren] were here for the funeral.

Her death record indicated that her parents were Michael Hendrix and Rebecca Ryckman.  The memorial at FindAGrave is listed under Ellen/Emily Ann Hendrick Richmond.

Census Year: 1861
Surname: Richman
Given Name(s): Cyrus S
Age: 39
Province: Canada West (Ontario)
District Name: Northumberland
Sub-District Name: Seymour
[Children listed with Cyrus and Emily were Sarah, John, Harriet and James.]

Surname: Richmond
Given Name(s): Cyrus
Age: 29
Province: Canada West (Ontario)
District Name: Northumberland (county)
Sub-District Name: Brighton
[Enumerated Were Cyrus, Emily and Sarah]