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Abigail (Smith) Street, Daughter of Rhoda Richmond

From Rhoda (Richmond) Smith's lineage:

943.  RHODA RICHMOND, 6 (Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Spencertown, N.Y.  She married Deliverance Smith.  He removed to Canada, near Niagara Falls, but came back to serve in the Revolutionary War...


2499.  Abigail Smith 7 [b. 1783 in Hillsdale, NY], married Timothy Street.   

Abigail Smith's husband, Timothy Street, was a member of a Loyalist family.  After moving from New York to St. David's, near Niagara (also where Abigail's father, Deliverance lived), Timothy and Abigail moved to what were formerly the lands of the indigenous Mississauga people.  There they founded the town of Streetsville, Ontario, Canada.  Here is a photograph of the Timothy Street house (41 Mill Street), built in 1825, probably the first brick house in what is now Peel County.  According to the Streetsville walking tour map, there is also an Abigail Street house, built in 1850, at 27 Mill Street. 
Canada Census, 1851
Name:     Abigal Street
Gender:     Female
Age:     68
Estimated Birth Year:     1783
Birthplace:     United States
Province:     Canada West (Ontario)
District:     Peel County
District Number:     28
Sub-District:     Toronto
Sub-District Number:     271
Page Number:     73
Line Number:     25
Library and Archives Canada Film Number:     C_11746

From Death Notices From the Christian Guardian, 1851 - 1860, a truncated portion of Abigail (Smith) Street's obituary:

The Heritage Mississauga site stated that Abigail (Smith) Street's death occurred in 1859.

From an Archaeological Assessment...

Lot 13 was patented by Timothy Street on January 13, 1820. Street was born in the United States in 1777, but settled near the village of St. David’s in Niagara Township where other members of his family had settled. Street was a saddler by trade, who had served in the 1st Troop of the Niagara (Provincial) Light Dragoons during the War of 1812. In 1818, he entered into a partnership with Richard Bristol for surveying the “Mississauga Tract” (now part of Peel County) which the government had recently purchased. In lieu of cash payment for their work, Street and Bristol were granted blocks of land within the newly surveyed tract. Street was awarded at least 1,000 acres in Toronto Township alone. Street built a saw and grist mill as well as a tannery on the Credit River in about 1819, and permanently settled with his young family in Toronto Township, at what would later become Streetsville, in 1825. He donated land for use as a non-denominational burial ground in Streetsville. He died in 1848 aged 71, and his wife Abigail Smith Street died in 1859 at the age of 76 (Gray 1995:170; Lauber 1995:88).

According to FindAGrave, the land where Streetsville Public Cemetery is located, was inherited by Lenora (Street) Doherty (Mrs. George), from her father, Timothy Street. Streetsville Memorial Cemetery (established much earlier than Streetsville Public Cemetery) was also located on land once owned by Timothy Street.

An Ancestral File Record for the children of Timothy and Abigail (Smith) Street can be found here.  

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