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Deliverance & Rhoda (Richmond) Smith

My Richmond lineage mirrors Rhoda's From John (1) through Edward (5).

943.  RHODA RICHMOND, 6 (Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Spencertown, N.Y.  She married Deliverance Smith.  He removed to Canada, near Niagara Falls, but came back to serve in the Revolutionary War; he returned after the War, and died there.


2498.  Elizabeth Smith 7, born about 1780; died in 1811.
2499.  Abigail Smith 7 married Timothy Street  
2500.  Rhoda Smith 7.
2501.  Phineas Smith 7.
2502.  Sisson Smith 7.

There were perhaps other children.

Deliverance Smith married 2nd, Sarah (Doty), the widow of James (Reuben) Conger, on January 1, 1814, in Berne, Albany, New York.  Sarah's 1st husband died in March of 1813; she died on August 10, 1863.  Sarah Doty Conger Smith was a descendant of Mayflower passenger Edward Doty.

Image from Deliverance Smith's Revolutionary War Pension Application at

...Captain Melancton Smith's Company, Colonel Graham's New York Regiment and was engaged in guarding the bridges in Westchester County, New York, during this service, he was in three skirmishes; about two years thereafter, Deliverance Smith, having in the interval, married and moved to Spencertown, Columbia County, New York, and called out in a general alarm, and served two weeks in Captain Rowley's Company, Colonel Scott's New York Regiment.

After the Revolution, Deliverance Smith resided in Spencertown, New York, about twelve years; then moved to Berne, Albany County, New York; returned to Spencertown, then moved to Athens, Greene County, New York, thence to Morrisania, Westchester County, New York, thence to Saint David's, Upper Canada; then returned to Berne, New York.

He was allowed pension on his application executed September 28, 1832, while residing in Berne, New York.

He [Deliverance Smith] died at said Berne October 18, 1838.

In the DAR database Deliverance Smith is Ancestor Number A105111; Mrs. John Newbury (Margaret) is listed as Deliverance Smith's daughter.  A letter dated 1937 from Blanch (Mrs. R.E.) Van Noy of Albany, New York, stated that Deliverance Smith was her great-great-great grandfather.

Deliverance Smith was also in Captain Cooper's Rangers in New York along with Israel Smith, Phillip Smith, and Melancton Smith.

A Deliverance Smith was found in the Old First Baptist Church Cemetery in North Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York   (33:39).  Sarah (Doty) Smith was buried in Arabia Cemetery, Delaware Co., New York.

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