Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almina (Richmond) Langworthy - A Tale of Two Death Certificates

The copy of Almina's death record obtained from Mecosta County, Michigan, did not match the record that the Michigan Archives have posted online in an important way. In a previous post I outlined that I sent for the record hoping Almina (Richmond) Langworthy's death record would name her parents (Thomas Richmond & Laura Backus) because the death record for my great-great grandmother (Almina's sister, Cynthia) did not and I needed the documentation. Why did Mecosta County send back a record with Laura Balkins instead of Backus when I had given them the name Backus? Now that I've seen the State of Michigan's version of Almina's death record, which says Backus to me, I'm even more puzzled.

Of course I'm relieved that ___ Richmond and Laura Backus were listed on Almina (Richmond) Langworthy's death certificate. The name "Thomas" was not on the record; it was blank. It was for the Backus line that was the crucial piece of proof was needed.

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