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Hannah Amelia Richmond

HANNAH AMELIA RICHMOND (8), (Abiathar (7), Abiathar (6), Gideon (5), Nathaniel (4), Edward (3), John (2), John (1)) was born in Ashfield, Mass., May 3, 1828. She married, January 1855, Charles Colman. He was in the Civil War. He separated from his wife, and was reunited several times; he was intemperate and of a roving disposition; lived in Ashfield and many other towns in New England and the Middle States. After his death she married Mr. Knight*, but left him about 1881.
Lucy Ann Colman, born about 1855; married and resided in Pennsylvania. Several children.
Addie Colman, born about 1857; married in Pennsylvania. Several children.
George Colman; born about 1860. Married in Shelburne Falls, Mass.
William Colman; born about 1864.
Minnie Colman; born about 1866. Married in Connecticut. One child.

From the General Index to Pensions, Coleman, Charles A. (Alias) Coleman, Ambrose B.:

Name: Abiathar Richman
Event Type: Census
Ashfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Race: White
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Abiathar Richman M 50 Massachusetts
Electa Richman F 49 Massachusetts [nee Clark]
Hannah Richman F 22 Massachusetts
Louis Richman F 20 Massachusetts
George Richman M 17 Massachusetts
Allen Richman M 15 Massachusetts
Edmund Richman M 13 Massachusetts
Sara Richman F 6 Massachusetts

Census 1870
New York, [Orleans, Barre]
[Amelia Coleman 41 Massachusetts]
[Lucy Coleman 14 Massachusetts]
Adie Coleman F 12 Massachusetts
George Coleman M 9 Massachusetts
Willie Coleman M 4 Vermont
Minnie Coleman F 2 Massachusetts
Emmeline Wright F 55 New Hampshire

Event Date: 02 May 1882
Event Place: Huntington, Massachusetts
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Marital Status: Unknown
Birthplace: Huntington
Birth Year (Estimated): 1836
Father's Name: Whitman Knight
Mother's Name: Harriet
Spouse's Name: Amelia H. Coleman
Spouse's Marital Status: Unknown
Spouse's Father's Name: Abiather Richmond
Spouse's Mother's Name: Electa
Certificate Number: 185

Her second husband, Charles Knight, remarried.

Census 1900
Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Amelia H Coleman Head F 71 Massachusetts
Herbert G Coleman Son M 16 Massachusetts [sic - grandson]
Mother of 5/3living

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