Sunday, December 11, 2016

Anna (Richmond) Warner #6250

#6250.  Anna Elizabeth Whitwell Richmond 8 (Bradford P., 7; Bradford, 6; Perez, 5; Perez, 4; Silvester, 3; Edward, 2; John 1) was born December 11, 1842.  She married, June 29, 1865, W. P. Warner.  he was a lawyer; settled in Winchester, Tenn.; removed in 1862 to St. Paul, Minn., where he resided in 1895.  Children were Anna Richmond Warner and Richmond Perez Warner.

St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota
W P Warner Self M 42 New York
Anna E R Warner Wife  F 37 New York
Anna R Warner Daughter F 10 Minnesota
Richmond G Warner Son M 8 Minnesota
Maria Mccarrack Other F 25 Ireland

Anna was a widow by 1920.

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See an article about the Richmond vault at Oakwood Cemetery here.

"When Bradford and Anna's daughter, Anna Richmond Warner, died in June of 1931, records indicate she was buried 'in front of vault.'"

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