Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Richmond DNA

My lineage is outlined in the Richmond Family Book.  However, the book named Edward Richmond #937 as both the father and the grandfather of Elijah. Research aimed at resolving that issue has not gone well.

There are DNA matches between my immediate family and two Elijah Richmond descendants that confirmed what was already known through research.

Now there's a DNA match with a Richmond descendant who is not a descendant of Elijah's, which provided corroborating evidence that we Elijah Richmond descendants are also descendants of the original immigrant, John Richmond.

My projected lineage:

John Richmond
Edward Richmond m. Abigail Davis
Edward Richmond
Benjamin Richmond m. Mary Rogers
Edward Richmond m. Elizabeth Powell
Edward Richmond [#937]
[Proven lineage below]
Elijah Richmond m. Elizabeth Fowler
Thomas Richmond m. Laura Backus
Cynthia Richmond m. James More
Addie More m. William Powers
Ralph Powers m. Beatrice Cameron
Richard Powers m. J. Garrett

The DNA match's lineage:

John Richmond
Edward Richmond m. Abigail Davis
John Richmond m. Elizabeth Irish
Stephen Richmond m. Mary Lawton
Stephen Richmond m. Lucy Mowry
Sarah Richmond m. Nathan Lewis
Esther Lewis m. John Lawton
Emma Lawton m. Mr. Hart
Ms. Hart m.
DNA match person

The match does not resolve the "Edward Richmond" dilemma, but does point towards John Richmond the immigrant as an ancestor.


barecove said...

I am a direct descendent of john richmond... was interested in richmond family dna database. Have had dna done through online Geneology, would like to have done by more comprehensive group. Saw that there was a richmond family dna group but it appears to be defunct now. My family has the info on paper as to lineage, brother has done extensive legwork collecting info. Any info or correspondence is appreciated.
Steve Richmond

PalmsRV said...

Hi Steve,

The DNA connections I mentioned in my post corroborated what was found via the traditional research methods. Have you uploaded your results to Gedmatch.com? It's a free site that accepts DNA results from various companies (Ancestry, FTDNA, etc) so we can all compare our matches. My DNA (and my brother's and aunt's) results are uploaded there from my FTDNA test site.

I haven't checked on a Richmond DNA group. Did you do the Y-DNA test to verify your Richmond surname?

Cathy (Powers) Palm