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Probate Of Elijah Richmond's Estate

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To the Judge of said court:
The petition of Ira P. Richmond of the town of Bloomfield in said county respectfully represents that Elijah Richmond late of said town deceased on the 21st day of May 1859 at his residence in said town died testate as petitioner believes: that the instrument in writing herewith presented to this court is the last will and testament of said deceased as petitioner believes: that Timothy H. Fellows of said town who is named and appointed in the said will & testament sole executor thereof refuses to take upon him the duties of said trust--; that the heirs at law of said deceased are all named in said will as petitioner believes Your petitioner would further represent that he is a son of said deceased & one of the devisees named in said instrument & being desirous that the execution of said will be duly proved & that said will an instrument be lawfully established as the last will & testament of said deceased would pray that a day be appointed for bearing the proofs of said last will & testament & that public notice thereof be given to all persons interested. Your petitioner would further represent that the heirs at law of said deceased are all of full age.
Done June 14th 1859 Ira P. Richmond

State of Wisconsin
Walworth County
On this 14th day of June AD 1859 personally appeared before me the above named Ira P. Richmond & made oath that he has read the above petition by him subscribed & knows the contents thereof & that the same is true of his own knowledge except as to matters therein stated to be on his information & belief & as to those matters believes it to be true. Peter __(?) County Judge

I Elijah Richmond in the County of Walworth and State of Wisconsin being in a very infirm state of health and sensible too of my liableness to sudden death at the same time being in my own apprehension of sound mind do judge it best to make and accordingly do hereby make this my last will and testament
It is my will that all my just debts and charge of my funeral be paid and discharged by my executor herein after named and appointed out of my estate as soon as conveniently may be after my decease
I give device and dispose of all my estate real and personal save what shall be necessary for the payment of my past debts and funeral charges in the following manner
I give to my daughter Holda Richmond the land and appurtenances situated thereon known and described as the Patterson Chapin Farm lying and being in the town of Bloomfield Walworth County and State of Wisconsin together with all the household furniture now possessed by me. To my son, I.P. Richmond and my daughter Mrs. Jane Acker and my daughter Mrs. Harriet Garrett the farm situated and lying in the town of Bloomfield County of Walworth and State of Wisconsin known and described as the Silas Richmond Farm also fifteen acres of wood land lying and being in the town of Bloomfield County of Walworth and State of Wisconsin known and described as follows fifteen acres off of the east side of the south east quarter of the south west quarter of Section No. Twenty eight of township No. One north of Range eighteen east of the Milwaukee Land District together with all my personal property money and assets of whatever kind to be divided equally between them share and share alike after paying from the same or the effects of the same one hundred dollars apiece to each of my other four children viz to my son Alonzo Richmond one hundred dollars to my son James Richmond one hundred dollars (provided he my son James shall after being notified of this instrument call for the same within five years without interest) to my son Thomas Richmond one hundred dollars and lastly to my daughter Mrs. Eliza Loree one hundred dollars.
Likewise I make constitute and appoint Mr. Timothy N. Fellows of Bloomfield County of Walworth and State of Wisconsin to be executor of this my last will and testament - hereby revoking all former wills made by me Witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the thirtieth day of July in the year of our lord one thousand eight-hundred and fifty six. Elijah Richmond
The above written instrument was subscribed by the said Elijah Richmond in our presence and acknowledged by him to each of us and he at the same time declared the above instrument so subscribed to be his last will and testament and we as the testators request and in his presence have signed our names as witnesses hereto and written opposite our names our respective places of residence.
W.W. Belden Bloomfield Walworth Co. Wis
John Freeman Do
Wm. D. Chapin Do

A true and perfect inventory of all the real estate and of all and singular the goods chattels rights and credits which were of the estate of Elijah Richmond late of the town of Bloomfield in the county of Walworth and state of Wisconsin deceased at the time of his death made by J.C. Merritt Administrator of the estate of the said deceased with the bid and appraisement of T. H. Fellows and Wm. D. Chapin appraisers for that purpose appointed by the Probate Court of Walworth County and duly qualified according to law such inventory and appraisement being commenced and completed at the dwelling house of Wm. D. Chain in the town of Bloomfield in the county of Walworth on the 28th day of April 1860.

The farm known as the Patterson Chapin farm being the south half of the north west quarter twenty four acres off of the North part of the west half of the south west quarter of Section (22) twenty two of the town of Bloomfield containing (104) one hundred and four acres.

Appraised at 18 dollars per acre
Total appraised value of farm $1,872

The farm known as the Silas Richmond farm being the west half of the north east quarter & fifteen acres off of the east side of the North east quarter of the south west quarter of section (28) twenty eight of the town of Bloomfield
Appraised at 18 dollars per acre
Total appraised value of farm $1,425

Total Appraised value of all
Real Estate $3,297

Personal Property Appraises
1 Bay Mare 23
1 gray mare 40
1 Dark bay two year old horse colt 30
1 Light Bay do 25
1 yearling bay horse colt 20
1 Black cow & calf 18
1 spotted cow 12
1 lumber wagon 12
The fragments of one lumber wagon 5
1 Top Buggy 8
1 Double shovel plow 1.50
1 common crossing plow .50
1 grind stone & _(?) 1.50
1 set of harness & whipplettes And neck yoke 3.00
1 set of harness 1.50
1 crib of corn 12.00
1 bin of oats supposed to contain 150 bushels appraised at 25 cents per bushel 37.50
1 bin of barley called 25 bushels at 50 cents per bushel 12.50
10 bushels of potatoes 2.50
1 handsaw 1.00
1 ax & spade.75
2 augers .25
9 Dray or Drag __(?)
1 Lot of square timber 2.00
4 tons of hay 8.00

I.P. Richmond to the estate Oct 3, 1859 to grain marketed by him belonging to the estate
20 bushels & 27 pounds of oats at 25 cents per bushel 5.
28. Bushels & 8 pounds of wheat at 70 cents per bushel 19.89
Do Oct 19 & 20 1859
71 bushels & 24 pounds of wheat at 75 per bushel 51.40

1 Note given by Harriet Garrett 250. Dollars __(?) to Elijah Richmond dated Jan 26 1857 due one year after death with use $250

1 Note given by W.H. Walsh Feb 17 1859 for three dollars with use due Dec 1, 1859 3.00

Household goods
1Bureau 4.00
1 clock 25.00
1 looking glass .85
5 cane seated chairs and one rocking chair 3.00
1 cherry table 2.00
2 Bedsteads Beds & Bedding 15.00

Total valuation of all personal property 643.11
Total valuation of all property 3,951.11

We hereby certify that we have personally examined all the property both real and personal described in this inventory and have appraised it as there set forth
Bloomfield Wis April 28, 1860

To the County Court of the County of Walworth

We the undersigned commissioners appointed to receive, examine and adjust all claims & demands of all persons against Elijah Richmond, late of the Town of Bloomfield in the said county of Walworth in the State of Wisconsin deceased having been duly sworn to the faithful discharge of our duties as such commissioners do report that we did within sixty days from our appointment as such commissioners appoint convenient times and places when and where we should meet for the purpose of examining and allowing claims that we gave notice of the said times & places of our meetings & of the time limited for creditors to present their claims to wit: the ? Day of October AD 1860 by posting notices thereof in four public places in said county and by publishing the same notice in the Geneva Lake Mirror, a weekly newspaper printed & published in the Village of Geneva I the county of Walworth State of Wisconsin for four weeks successively previous to the time fixed for our first meeting, a copy of which notice so posted & published is hereunto annexed. And that in issuance of such notice we attended at the times & places therein specified for the purposes of aforesaid and we do further report that the following is a full and correct list of all the claims presented to us for allowance against the said Elijah Richmond deceased of the amounts allowed and disallowed on each claim of the amounts exhibited in offset in each case and the amounts allowed and disallowed in offset to each claim and the final Balance in each case in favor of or against the estate of the said Elijah Richmond deceased.

Statement of claims against said estate presented, acted upon and balances struck & allowed by us, to wit:

E.D. Richardson as Agent for Messers Wood and Mount _(?) presented a judgment a transcript of which is hereunto annexed filed and marked "A." The amount of damages, costs & interest up to June 30th, 1860 is $101.17, which amount was allowed by us as against the said estate. $101.17

Newman Mc Acker presented a claim against said estate it being a balance of account over and above all offsets claimed by said estate which balance was duly sworn to by said Mc Acker, and admitted by the administrator & heirs of said estate which claim & stipulation is hereunto annexed filed & marked "B," said balance as being $50.00 & allowed by us as a claim against said estate. $50.00

Peter Wheeler presented a claim against said estate which claim is hereunto annexed filed and marked "C." To the amount of 7.15 to which claim an offset was claimed to the amount of 7.15 for horse hire. Witnesses being called sworn and testified from the testimony annexed we the said commissioners did adjudge & determine that said claim was fully satisfied & paid in by said offset

James A. Richmond presented a claim which is hereunto annexed and filed & marked "D." After hearing all the proofs & testimony introduced in the matter we did adjudge & determine that the first charge for labor & for 7 months to be worth six dollars per month. See Bill of account as hereto annexed marked as to the amounts allowed. The balance of said account as allowed by us and due from said estate to said Jas. A. Richmond after deducting offsets & deductions from the price of labor as charge according to proofs to be 111.08

All of Which is respectfully submitted
Given under our hands this 19th day of October AD 1860
J.T. Abill & C. L. Oatway Commissioners

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