Thursday, December 6, 2012

Benjamin Richmond Testifies

From Minutes: Albany County sessions, 1778-1781 (Volume 3):

Richmond, Benjamin, testifies regarding conduct of Amos Moore and others, 414.

From the Commissioners For Conspiracies index.

The text from Volume I:
Resolved that William Foster & Benjamin Richmond be severally examined respecting the Conduct of Amos Moore, John Miller & Lucas Moore and it appearing from their Examinations that the Said Amos Moore, John Miller & Lucas Moore have been with the Enemy therefore Ordered that the[y] be Severally Committed & that a Mittimus be made out for them.

My guess is that he is the Benjamin Richmond who is the son of Edward and Elizabeth (Powell) Richmond.  If so, Benjamin is either the brother or uncle of my Elijah Richmond (Elijah is supposed to be Edward's son, but which Edward is not yet known).

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