Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garvitt Not Garrett

Excerpted from the original post, Who Was Sarah Weatherwax? :

Sarah Weatherwax was identified as a niece in James Richmond's will.... . Whose daughter was she? Was Weatherwax her maiden or married name? Was Sarah James' niece through his wife's side of the family? 

A comment posted on the blog stated:

Linda said...I believe Sarah Weatherwax was the daughter of Elijah Worthington Garvitt and Harriet Richmond.

Harriet Richmond was James Richmond's sister.  In transcribing James Richmond's will, I interpreted Harriet's married name as GARRETT, not GARVITT.  From the will:  Also a set of good, substantial grave stones for my deceased sister Mrs. Harriet Garrett, which also are to be placed at her grave.

Harriet Garrett is also how I transcribed her name in her father's will.

Now the information in the1850 census fell into place (Ira P. Richmond was James' brother, a fact known to me for some time).  Why didn't it click with me earlier?

United States Census, 1850
event place: Bloomfield, Walworth, Wisconsin, United States
Household Gender Age
Ira P Richmond M 26
Matilda Richmond F 19
Elijah W Gushett M 40
  Hariet Gushett F 43
Sarah M Gushett F 6

Sarah (Garvitt) Weatherwax was hiding in plain sight.  Thanks, Linda!

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