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Isa Maud Armstrong Stickney Ilsen Patterson

Isa Maud Armstrong was the daughter of Diana Jane Richmond and William Thomas Armstrong.  She married 1st, Albert Dwight Stickney; 2nd George Ilsen and 3rd F.J. Patterson.

Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927
Name:     Albert Dwight Stickney
Event:     MARRIAGE
Event Date:     18 Jul 1888
Event Place:     Greenbanks, Ontario, Ontario
Estimated Birth Year:     1863
Father:     Edward Stickney
Mother:     Arletta Stickney
Spouse:     Isa Maud Armstrong
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year:     1868
Spouse's Father:     William Armstrong
Spouse's Mother:     Jane Armstrong

The STICKNEY family (before Isa Maud Armstrong joined it):

Canada Census, 1881
Name:     Arletta Stickney

Calculated Birth Year:     1839
Birthplace:     Ontario

Ethnic Origin:     English
Religion:     Quaker

Census Place:     Whitby West, Ontario South, Ontario, Canada
    Edward Stickney     M     48y
      Arletta Stickney     F     42y
    Minnie Stickney     F     20y
    Allen D. Stickney     M     18y
    Maud M. Stickney     F     16y
    Addie Stickney     F     14y

 Isa Maud Stickney was widowed in 1891:
Canada Census, 1891
Name:     Isa Stickney
Age:     23
Estimated Birth Year:     1868
Birthplace:     Ontario
Marital Status:     Widowed
Religion:     Methodist
Province:     Ontario
Sub-District:     Reach

Isa remarried in 1898:

Groom's Name:     George Ilsen
Bride's Name:     Isa Maude Armstrong Stickney
Marriage Date:     15 Feb 1898
Marriage Place:     Manhattan, New York, New York
Groom's Father's Name:     Louis Ilsen
Groom's Mother's Name:     Amelia Deffen
Bride's Father's Name:     W.T. Armstrong
Bride's Mother's Name:     Jane Richmond

United States Census, 1900
Name:     Isa M Ilsen
Residence:     Cincinnati City, Hamilton, Ohio
Birth Date:     Nov 1869
Birthplace:     Canada Eng
Spouse Birth Place:     Germany
Father Birthplace:     Canada Eng
Mother Birthplace:     Canada Eng
Years Married:     2
Estimated Marriage Year:     1898
Mother How Many Children:     0
Number Living Children:     0
  Spouse     George Ilsen     M     [Oct 1844] [Music Publisher]
      Isa M Ilsen     F    
    Oscar Ilsen     M     [Dec 1849]
    Mamie Mitchell     F    
    Jessie Mason     M    
    Annie Mason     F  

 A song co-authored by George Ilsen, Isa's husband, and published by his company, The Queen City Music House, was Papa's Darling Boy::

Source: Johns Hopkins University - Levy Sheet Music Collection

George Ilson died in 1912:

North Carolina Deaths, 1906-1930
Name:     George F. W. C. Ilson
Death Date:     14 Apr 1912
Death Place:     Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina
Birth Date:     1843
Birthplace:     Germany
Marital Status:     Married
Occupation:     Publisher
Burial Place:     Cincinnati, Ohio

Isa Maud Armstrong Stickney Ilsen Patterson died in Illinois:

Isa Maud Patterson
Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947
birth:    27 Nov 1870;1871 —Lindsay, Ont., Can.
death:    04 Jul 1937 —Mendota, LaSalle, Illinois
burial:    06 Jul 1937 —Mendota, LaSalle, Ill.
residence:    04 Jul 1937 —Mendota, LaSalle, Illinois
parents:    William Thomas Armstrong, Diana Jane Richmond
spouse:    F.J. Patterson

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