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Amanandah (Holland) Palen, Daughter of Abigail Richmond?

Amanandah Palen's death record clearly named her parents as James Holland and Abigail Richmond.  However, the marriage record between John Palen and Amaranda stated that her last name was MORRIS and her parents were Thomas and Abigail Morris.  On Ichabod Palen's birth record, his mother Amaranda's maiden name was listed as Morris.  However, Ichabod Richmond was Abigail Richmond's father; was Ichabod named after his great-grandfather?

The probate of Ichabod Holland's estate with Ichabod Palen as an involved party was in an Ontario court; Ichabod Palen was named as Ichabod Holland's nephew which would add evidence that his mother was a Holland, not a Morris.

2513.  Abigail Richmond (7), born about 1804; married James Holland.  Resided in Murray, C.W.

Their [presumed] child:

Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947
Name:     Amanandah Palen
Event Date:     12 Feb 1920
Event Place:     Brighton, Twp., Durham, Ontario
Gender:     Female
Age:     70
Father:     James Holland
Mother:     Abagil Richmond

Palen John     M    Head    M  May 16 1850  50
Palen Amandarah   F   Wife M   Jul 15 1849     51
Palen Ichabod   M  Son   S   Dec 18  1878     22
Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Brighton, NORTHUMBERLAND (East/Est), ONTARIO

Pelen John    M   Head  S   May 1849       
Pelen Amarandal    F   Wife    M     Jul  1848     62
Pelen Ichabod   M   Son    M    Dec  1878     32
Pelen Ethel   F    Daughter-in-law  M   Jun 1881     30       
1911 Census of Canada
Ontario / Northumberland East / 3 Brighton Township / page 6

Canada Census, 1881
Name:     Ichobed Palen
Gender:     Male
Calculated Birth Year:     1879
Birthplace:     Ontario
Ethnic Origin:     German
Religion:     E Meth
Head of Household:     John Palen
Census Place:     Brighton, Northumberland East, Ontario, Canada
John Palen     M     32y
Emma Palen     F     31y
Ichobed Palen     M     2y

Ontario Births, 1869-1912
Name:     Icabod Palen
Event Date:     17 Dec 1878
Event Place:     Brighton Twp., Northumberland, Ontario
Father:     John Palen
Mother:     Amarandah Morris

Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927
Name:     John Palen
Event:     MARRIAGE
Event Date:     05 Mar 1878
Event Place:     Castleton, Northumberland, Ontario
Age:     28
Estimated Birth Year:     1850
Father:     Loron Palen
Mother:     Mary Palen
Spouse:     Amaranda Morris
Spouse's Age:     28
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year:     1850
Spouse's Father:     Thomas Morris
Spouse's Mother:     Abigal Morris

Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947
Name:     John Palen
Event Date:     02 Mar 1920
Event Place:     Brighton, Twp., Durham, Ontario
Age:     70
Father:     Lorne Palen
Mother:     --- Ferguson

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