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William Henry Harrison Richmond & His Widow's Family

5447.  WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON RICHMOND 8 (Adam 7, Preserved 6, Adam 5, Stephen 4, John 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born February 24, 1819, and died November 29, 1844.  He married, September, 1841, Eunice Hall.

Viola Amelia, born July 2, 1844

In 1850 Viola is living with Eunice, age 26, & Royal Elderkin, age 29, in Le Roy, Genesee County, New York, as were Eurania Elderkin, age 22, and Charles Brady, age 17.

The 1860 census enumerated the family as Elderson.  Mary "Elderson", age 7, is also living with the family. 

1880 NY Census
Name: Viola Richmond
Residence: Stafford, Genesee, New York
Birthdate: 1845
Birthplace: New York, United States
Relationship to Head: Step Daughter
Martial Status: Single
Occupation: Helps In House
NARA Film Number: T9-0835

Royal, Eunice and Viola were enumerated here in 1892.  

Viola Richmond was still living with Royal Elderkin in 1900, in Le Roy, New York.  Mary (Elderkin) Crocker, Frank Crocker and daughter, Eunice, also lived with Royal Elderkin in 1900 as did 17 year old servant, Edwin Montanye?, born in Michigan. 

In 1920 Mary Crocker was a widow living with her daughter Eunice, son-in-law Myron Darch, and grandson Frank Darch, in Stafford, Genesee Co., NY.

Royal Elderkin (1820-1906), Eunice (Hall) Elderkin (1823 - 1896) and Viola Richmond (1844-1905) were buried in Machpelah Cemetery in Le Roy, Genesee County, New York.  Royal had a daughter, Eunice, who was born in 1845.

Royal Augustus Elderkin's parents were Jedediah & Eunice Elderkin. Eunice, born 1845, was living with Jedediah & Eunice in 1850.

Viola Richmond died unmarried, so the William Henry Harrison Richmond lineage died out with her.

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