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Annie Walker Ackley

Annie Walker Ackley 9 (Thomas Ackley 8, Elizabeth Richmond 7, Silvanus 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1).  She married 1st, [Albert Granger] Ives and *2nd Frank Ruggles Gladding.

* Frank Ruggles Gladding
Spouse's Name Annie Walker Acly Ives
Event Date 09 Nov 1869
Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York
Father's Name Saint Gladding
Mother's Name Sarah Ruggles
Spouse's Father's Name Tho. R. Acly
Spouse's Mother's Name Sarah E. Journeay

A lawsuit concerning Annie's mother's estate:

Source - Albert Acley and **Horace Hurlbutt, Jr., Sole Heirs

Annie married 1st Albert Granger Ives and 2nd Frank R. GladdingHorace C. Hurlbutt (father of **Horace named as an heir in lawsuit above) was the husband of Leila Ives Hurlbutt (1866 - 1888).  Leila was the daughter of Annie Ackley Ives Gladding. Horace Hurlbutt, Jr., and Albert J. Ackley were the only two living heirs when Sarah Emeline Ackley died on 8 February 1902.

Rhode Island, United States
Frank R Gladding M 28 Rhode Island
Annie W Gladding F 25 New York
Lela L Gladding F 4 New York
Ann Lynn F 18 Ireland


Annie died some time before her mother's death of February 8, 1902.

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