Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thomas Ackley's Will

Note: Thomas was the son of Myron Ackley and Elizabeth Richmond.

New York Probate Records...Columbia Wills and letters index...:

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Ackly, Thomas R.
Will Dated: 28 June 1871
Residing in Hudson, Columbia, New York
Recorded: 26 July 1873
Brother-in-law & Sister as Executors (Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Barringer)


Sister, Mrs. Henry J. Barringer, $1,000 (and items combined with her husband)
Brother, Rev. Charles G. Ackly, $1,000
Niece, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth Clemans, $1000
Son: Albert Journay Ackly, $500.
Daughter: Mrs. Anna W. Gladding, $500.
Nephew: Thomas A. Barringer, $250. and watch and chain
Niece: Julia Helen Clark Ackly, $250.
$400 to be divided between his (Henry J. Barringer's) daughter, Ada E., and son, Henry J. Barringer

Note: Wife (ex-wife?) was still alive in 1877 and living with son Albert J. Ackly

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