Monday, February 29, 2016

Anne French Burnham

Anne French, 10 (Anne Warner, 9; Anna Elizabeth Whitwell Richmond, 8; Bradford P., 7; Bradford, 6; Perez, 5; Perez, 4; Silvester, 3; Edward, 2; John 1).

St Paul Ward 7, Ramsey, Minnesota
Anna R Warner Head F 75 New York
Richmond P Warner Son M 48 Minnesota
Anne H French Granddaughter  F 24 Minnesota

Name Edward W. Burnham
Event Date 09 Dec 1920
Manhattan, New York, New York
Birth Year (Estimated) 1888
Birthplace La Crosse, Wisconsin
Father's Name George A. Burnham
Mother's Name Jennie E. Barker
Spouse's Name Anne H. French
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1896
Spouse's Birthplace Minneapolis, Minn.
Spouse's Father's Name Charles E. French
Spouse's Mother's Name Anna Warner


24 July 1984 - Gainesville Sun

Anne French Burnham may have been divorced by 1940.  The family was living together in New York City in 1930 (Anne, Edward, George R. and Anne L.)

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