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Abigail (Richmond) Sisson

942.  Abigail Richmond, 6 (Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Spencertown, N. Y., and died in Hillsdale, N.Y.  She married Peleg Sisson.  They had no children, but she adopted Peleg Richmond, son of her brother Edward (No. 937).  Her husband deserted her, eloping with a person by the name of Van Volkenburg, by whom he had nine daughters.

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New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971, Columbia Wills 1820-1833 vol E-F, Page 169, Abigail Sisson:

Last Will and Testament of Abigail Sisson, Deceased
Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York
March 1821
Recorded: 15 April 1829

Brothers: Stephen, Edward, Sylvester, Martin
Betsey Ackley received $50. and gold beads [relationship not cited]
Charles Richmond, John Richmond, Ryle [Riley] Richmond, McCrosbe Richmond, children of Sylvanus Richmond, deceased

Volume F, Page 170
Bequeathed to:  Martin Spencer, Asa Richmond, John Richmond, Peleg S. Richmond, James Richmond, Peras Richmond, Henry Richmond, David Richmond, George Richmond, Sally Richmond (the wife of John Richmond), Sybel Spencer, Elizabeth Winn, Lavinia Terry
Sally Ann Richmond...

Martin Spencer and John Richmond, sole executors
Witnesses: Sibbel Fuller, Walter Frost, Jacob Minckler
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