Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charles Austin More's Probate File Online

Michigan, Probate Records, 1797-1973, Lapeer Estate files 1884-1885, File #1518:

File #1518 Lapeer County, Michigan, Probate, Order Allowing Claims

Names of Claimants Or Creditors And Character Of Claims (included in a portion of the larger page):

1.  Henry Townsend {Burial}
2.  Hugh McColl  last sickness
3.  John S. Caulkins  "  "
4.  Dr. D. F. Stone   "  "

5.  Stone Brothers Med(icine?)
6.  Jas L. More   last sickness
7.  Fred Lincoln
8.  Geer & Williams  attorneys
9.  Appraisers Services

10.  Printing, Making Deed  etc
11.  G. Demorest {tombstone}
12.  Administrators services & expenses
13.  Receipt for Residue to heir

Here's a blog post about Charles More's family (excerpted below):

...researching the descendants of Thomas & Laura (Backus) Richmond, including Cynthia (Richmond) More. Charles A. More (who died January 30, 1885) was the son of Cynthia (Richmond) More.  [Note:  Cynthia More was my great-great grandmother]

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