Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dighton Richmond In The Weekly Genealogist

Excerpts from a feature (Name Origins) of The Weekly Genealogist*, included the origins of a Richmond descendant:

DIGHTON [DEIGHTON]: Three daughters of Dr. John Deighton...came to New England: .....Frances (Deighton) Williams (1611–ca. 1705-6)... .  John and Hannah (Williams) Bird...had a daughter, Dighton (Bird) Myrick (1687–1726) of Dorchester and Taunton, Mass., named for her maternal grandmother Frances (Deighton) Williams. Dighton (Bird) Myrick was the mother (by husband Isaac Myrick/Merrick, Sr.) of Dighton (Myrick) Richmond... .

Below is the lineage of John Richmond who married Dighton Mirick, daughter of Isaac and Dighton (Bird) Mirick, from the Richmond Family book:

From Joshua Richmond Bailey's Richmond Family book

Dighton (Myrick) Richmond, in her turn, was mother of Dighton (Richmond) Pratt (ca. 1747–Manchester, N.Y. 14 Jan. 1809)... . [Weekly Genealogist]

Above and Below from the Joshua Richmond Bailey book

* An extended version of this article, with more Dightons, will be posted Tuesday, May 29, on our Daily Genealogist blog.

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