Wednesday, January 11, 2012

William Richmond Alias Webb In British History

This blurb from British History online, "In 1540 the site of the abbey's manor and lands called Turneys and Uffcott were granted to William Richmond alias Webb (d. 1579)," reminded me that my presumed Richmond ancestors were also Richmonds alias Webbs.

Before that quote was this information:

"A knight's fee in OVERWROUGHTON was granted early in the 12th century to Tewkesbury Abbey by Adelize, wife of Robert de Dunstanville, and probably heir of Humphrey Lisle. It was confirmed to the abbey by Walter de Dunstanville, probably him who died in 1195. Tewkesbury retained a manor in Overwroughton until the Dissolution."

Details from Joshua Bailey Richmond's The Richmond Family book seem to corroborate the above information:

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