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(Col.) Ezra Richmond French-Indian War

#359. (COL.) EZRA RICHMOND (5) (Sylvester 4, Silvester 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Little Compton, R. I., January 26, 1721. He married, first, February 18, 1751, Mary Baylies, daughter of Thomas and Esther (Sargent) Baylies of Warwick County, England, who was born in 1723, and died September 10, 1795. He married, secondly, in 1796 [or 1798], Hannah Bosworth [born ca 1737] of Rehoboth, who died in Rehoboth in 1806. He died September 15, 1800.

He was a Colonel, and served in the French and Indian Wars with his father. He was in the British Army, and attained the rank of Captain, being the oldest Captain in the British line. He sold out his priority for a large sum. He was Representative from Dighton in the General Court in 1752, '53, and '54, and in 1765, '66, '67 and Town Treasurer in 1767. He was very wealthy for the times, having a great deal of ready money. He is said to have given the Baylies family an aristocratic influence in the town. He was strong-minded, resolute and influential, and some of his descendants mention the big wig he wore, and his aristocratic bearing. He received a commission from King George II in person in England, on account of his father's and his own services at Louisburg. He always wore a cocked hat and silver buckles.

His wife was a charming English lady, sister of Nicholas Baylies*.

The following reference to Col. Ezra Richmond (5) is from the 'History of Bristol County': 'He was a justice of the peace, and filled several responsible civil offices, and was a man of considerable influence. He lived in a house built by Jared Talbut, opposite the old meeting-house.'

#1094. Thomas Baylies (6), born Nov. 18, 1751; married 1st, Elizabeth Fales; 2d, Elizabeth Byles.

*DAR Lineage of a Nicholas Baylies descendant:

Bom in Baltimore, Md. Wife of Robert P. Hooper.
Descendant of Brig. Gen. George Godfrey and of Nicholas Baylies.
Daughter of William Thomas Baylies (b. 1847) and Josephine Tilden
Grant (b. 1851), his wife, m. 1871.
Granddaughter of Nicholas Baylies (1791-1859) and Susan Stone (1802-
81), his wife, m. 1820.
Gr-granddaughter of Thomas Sergeant Baylies (1748-1831) and Bethia
Godfrey (1749-96), his wife, m. 1769.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of George Godfrey and Bethia Hodges, his wife ;
Nicholas Baylies and Elizabeth Parks (1716-91), his wife.
George Godfrey (1721-93) was appointed brigadier general of
Bristol County militia, 1776. He was chairman of the Com-
mittee of Safety and a member of the General Court. He
was born in Taunton, Mass., where he died.

Also Nos. 1718, 3827, 9560, 13963, 15695, 16706, 26419.

Nicholas Baylies (1717-1807) was a member of the Committee
of Safety of Taunton, 1776-78. He was bom in England;
died in Taunton, Mass.

Also No. 32111.

See Reminiscences of the Baylies and Richmond families by Mary Richmond Baylies Allen (excerpted below):

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Silvester Richmond (3) and ancestor of Col. Ezra Richmond, married Elizabeth Rogers, a descendant of John Alden & Priscilla Mullins (Mayflower).

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