Monday, August 2, 2010

A Second Letter From M. George Allen

From the second of two letters I (Cathy) received from Marion George Allen (1924-2001), a Richmond descendant:

In a 1996 letter to me (excerpted above and transcribed below):

...know it is a shock. At least that is what I tell them.* I do have something in common with your husband. I was a deputy on the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. for two years, in'48 and '49. They had me stationed on the minimum security farm jail and that was over 70 miles from my home. After two years of this my better half decided that was enough, so I went on the city police department, Pomona. Rode motorcycle for over two years and then traffic car for another 4 years then decided we wanted to move to Northern Calif. and find something to do. As I had worked with my father in building I took the contractor's test and got my contractor's license in '58. So we moved to Nevada County and looked for a place to build and have been here ever since. We are at 1700 foot elevation and have oaks pine fir cedar and other trees. We get the season changes and once in a while get a little snow. Sacramento is approx. 50 miles from us and we are about 10 degrees cooler than the valley area, which is nice when they have 100+ degrees.

*the "shock" part was just a little jab at his in-laws.

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