Sunday, July 11, 2010

Edward A. Richmond's Will

The Will of Edward A. Richmond of Willing, Allegany Co., New York:


I, Edward A. Richmond of the town of Willing County of Allegany and State of New York occupation a farmer make this my last Will to give devise and bequeath my estate and property real and personal to my dearly beloved wife Lucretia M. Richmond after paying my funeral expenses and all just debts and demands against me, to be for her support and maintenance during her lifetime and at her death to also further devise and bequeath that (after paying the funeral expenses of my said wife) that all my property real and personal be equally divided between my (4) four children, Leroy F. Richmond, Mary E. Richmond, Emma J. Richmond and Della F. Richmond as follows, one fourth to Leroy F. Richmond and his heirs, one fourth to Mary E. Davis (formerly Mary E. Richmond) and her heirs, and one fourth to Emma J. Payne (formerly Emma J. Richmond) and her heirs and one fourth to Della F. Smith (formerly Della F. Richmond) and her heirs.

I appoint A. E. Foster of the town of Willing county and State aforesaid, occupation a farmer as executor of this my will.

In witness whereof I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my Will at the town of Willing County and State aforesaid the 22nd day of March A.D. 1879
Edward A. Richmond {Seal}

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