Friday, June 11, 2010

Who Were Elizabeth's Fowler Relatives?

Who were the parents of Elizabeth Fowler who married Elijah Richmond? Don't know the answer to that, but would like to, since she is a direct ancestor.

I may have accidentally gotten a little bit closer to identifying Elizabeth's Fowler relatives recently. While searching for more information about Elijah Richmond's father, Edward, in Onondaga County, New York, a deed between Elijah & Elizabeth Richmond and an M. Fowler was found in the deed index.

In the 1810 census, Elijah Richmond was enumerated in Onondaga Co., NY. Nearby Fowlers were Eliphalet, Justus, Luther , Oliver, Thomas and William. Since Elijah & Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond's eldest son (my ancestor) was named Thomas; perhaps Elizabeth's father was Thomas Fowler. (In 1820 Elijah & Elizabeth Richmond were in Steuben Co., New York. Elijah and his son, Thomas Richmond, were living in Livingston Co., New York, in 1830.)

Thomas Fowler was Moses Fowler's father; was the Onondaga Co. deed between Elizabeth & Elijah Richmond and Moses Fowler? And was Moses Fowler Elizabeth's brother?

To investigate further, I've ordered the following Onondaga Co., NY deed records: (1) Volume "S" (to view the Elijah & Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond deed; (2) Grantees Index v. 5, N-R (to further research Edward & Elijah Richmond's possible transactions); and (3) Grantor Index, v. 3, F-H (for Fowler deeds). The Grantee index for "Fowler" deeds can be ordered from the FHC at a later date.

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