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Mary Elizabeth Richmond & John M. Weeks

7394. MARY ELIZABETH RICHMOND (9) (Norman C., 8, Peleg S., 7, Stephen 6, Edward 5, Benjamin 4, Edward 3, Edward 2, John 1) was born in Appleton, Wis., December 4, 1851. She married, November 6, 1884, John M. Weeks.

CHILDREN (1896):
8192. Edgar Richmond Weeks (10).
8193. Minnie [Mary] Elvira Weeks (10).

Present address, Marseilles, Illinois.
Born, December 4, 1851, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Father built the first paper mill in the Fox River Valley at Appleton where the sulphite mill now stands. Mother, Elizabeth Yates Richmond, writer for four magazines and papers, author of "Poems
of the Western Land," and many other individual poems.

Educated at Lawrence University. Degree of M. S. Occupied as teacher in Appleton, Merrill and Oshkosh.

Married: November 6, 1884, John M. Weeks, Lyons, Wisconsin.
Children: Edgar R., with the Hydrex Felt & Engineering Co., New York City; and Mary Elvira, science teacher.

149. JOHN MILLARD WEEKS. (Deceased.)
Died, April 8, 1911. Born, September 20, 1847, Lyons, Wisconsin.
Educated Lawrence 1869-1873. Occupation, farming, at Lyons.
Married, November 6, 1884, Mary Richmond, Appleton. Children (see 146.)

Mary Elvira Weeks (1892 - 1975) earned a Phd in Chemistry and taught at the University of Kansas. She also wrote chemistry-related papers and books, including "Discovery of the Elements." In 1944 she accepted a position at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She died in Detroit on 20 June 1975. As a Wayne State graduate, this was very interesting news to me! In addition, she and my sister (a Michigan native and paper company employee) both lived in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Descendants of Mary Elizabeth Richmond & John Millard Weeks are Mayflower descendants through Elvira Dimock Weeks (who married Spencer Weeks) and their son Lewis Spencer & Elvira (Little) Weeks.

It appears as though many of the Weeks family members are buried in Walworth County, Wisconsin (as are many of my own Richmond family members).

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