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Reuben F. Richmond's Wife & Kids

Reuben F. Richmond's wife, Experience, married 2nd Rufus Chaffee. This source also said that she was of Richmond, Vermont, the daughter of George Porter and that she died 26 January 1886.

The book, "John Ainsworth Dunn," stated that:

He [Rufus Chaffee] married, second, Experience (Porter) Richmond, daughter
of George Porter, who was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, January
29, 1759, enlisted in 1775, in the Massachusetts troops, and was dis-
charged in 1779, having served two full years. For this service he was
granted a pension, for which application was made at Athens, Vermont,
August 9, 1852.

She was born March 31, 1799, and married, first, Reuben F.
Richmond. December 6, 1821. who was accidentally killed, leaving
her with three little girls; after five years she married Rufus Chaffee and there
were born to them two daughters and two sons.

The children of Experience and Mr. Richmond were:

1. Lucy K.; born 27 February 1824; married Joel C. Redfield,
December 11, 1845, and had Marshall, born August 27, 1847,
Frank, born September 20, 1849; Sarah, born November 22, 1852,
she died February2, 1894.

2. Sarah G., born May 13, 1826: married S[almon] E. Perham,
May 25, 1846, and had Dorr and [Sarah] Ella; she died July 19, 1850.
[Picture of Civil War Captain Salmon E. Perham can be found here]

1880 Census CA Santa Barbara
E. H. GEDDINGS Self W W 55 NY Keeping House MA MA
D. R. PERHAN SonL M W 33 VT Butcher VT VT
Lottie PERHAM Dau M W 32 NY CT NY

3. Susan G., born January 17, 1829; married John D. Shafter,
a "Forty-Niner,'" September 28, 1852. and had (1) Frank,
born September 19, 1853;. who married Frankie Phipps,
April 26, 1881, and had Lottie Ruth, October 16, 1883,
and Bertha Ray, March 19, 1887; (2) Minnie, born September 19,
1859, and died August 22. 18??; (3) Florence,
born January 28. 1866, married Charles Bothwell,
September 28, 1887, and had Bruce Shaffer, born August 31, 1888,
and Earl Lewis, born February 7, 1890. Mr. Shafter died
at San Jose, California. November 24, 1903.

1880 Census CALIFORNIA, Santa Clara, San Jose
John D. SHAFTER Self M W 59 VT Farmer VT VT
Susana SHAFTER Wife M W 51 VT VT VT
Frank R. SHAFTER Son S W 26 VT VT VT
Florence R. SHAFTER Dau S W 14 CA VTVT
George L. PERHAM Other S W 18 VT In Dairy VT VT
Michael MURRAY Other S W 26 NY In Dairy IRE IRE
Harry RIVERS Other S W 19 CAN In Dairy ENG CAN
Theodore PEGULLAN Other S W 18 CA In Dairy LA AUSTRALIA
Crockett YOUNG Other S W 42 MO Laborer TN TN
Aaron PIERSON Other S W 52 NY Laborer NY CAN
FUNG Other S A 21 CHI Servant CHI CHI
HENGUY Other S A 18 CHI Servant CHI CHI

The children of Rufus Chaffee and his wife Experience (Porter)
Richmond, were:

1. Harriett
2. Sophia Walker
3. George R.

Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee moved from Athens to Lyndon, Vermont, in February, 1848, and bought a farm on which they lived for thirty years. They then went to San Jose, California, where they remained four years. Returning to Massachusetts, they made their home with their daughter in Gardner, till his death, December 27, 1875. Their marriage was an ideal one, in that each was the complement of the other; he being quick and active in judgment, while she was more deliberate in action and conclusion. She went to live with her daughters in San Jose, and died there at the age of eighty-seven. [Text version of the "John Ainsworth Dunn" book here.]

The Chaffees were living in Marin County, California, in 1870.

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