Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Helped By The Woman's Relief Corps

An inquiry to determine if Mrs. Almina (Richmond) Langworthy should be admitted to the Old Soldier's Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan [she was] was explored. A partial answer to that question found in a letter dated 22 April 1909, from Mary M. Ford, President Corp. 245, Big Rapids, Michigan, below:

Big Rapids Mich
April 22, 1909

Mrs. Jennie Pond
Lansing, Mich.

My dear Sister:

Yours of the 12th received, but was a little late in reaching me, on account of going first to our past President, Mrs. Harshman and it took me some little time to investigate the case of Mrs. Langworthy and have done the best I could.

One of the five children*...I hear, is in the insane asylum

...and the others are not in very good circumstances, have no property of any amount. As to the physical and mental condition of Mrs. Langworthy I was not able to learn much, but one gentleman, who has known the family a good many years, tells me that she is a very worthy woman and we don't think there will be any mistake made in admitting her to the annex at the Soldier's Home. Hoping these answers to your questions will prove satisfactory.

I am sincerely yours

in F. C. & L.
Mary M. Ford
President Corp. 245,
Big Rapids

220 Rust Ave.

Persons admitted (or not) ca 1903/1904 by the Woman's Relief Corps found here. Woman's Relief Corps #245 was found on a list here.

WorldConnect family tree with Almina (Richmond) Langworthy here.
*Don't know which child was in an insane asylum

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