Monday, May 26, 2008

One Marriage - Two Sides of The Family Tree

Jennie Howland's uncle, Ephraim Howland, lived in Lapeer Co., MI. Jennie married into my paternal grandfather's sister's family, and her "Richmond" roots are delineated in a separate post. She and her uncle Ephraim share the same Richmond ancestry.

While looking at Michigan birth, marriage and death records recently uploaded at the family search site , I found that Ephraim and Harriet (Bachman) Howland's granddaughter, Harriet Howland, married William Allen MacDonald of Roscommon County, Michigan, in 1925. While examining the online marriage record of Harriet and William, I realized that William Allen MacDonald was already in my FamilyTreeMaker family tree database. Mr. MacDonald's aunt, Harriet MacDonald, was the first wife of Albert Edward Cameron. A. Edward Cameron was my paternal grandmother's uncle. Harriet (MacDonald) Cameron and infant daughter, Lillie Cameron, both died in 1892, in Roscommon Co., MI.

For additional background, including the Richmond connection, see the Sunday, October 21, 2007, post "Ancestry of Jennie Howland."

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Hi! So nice to see you again today at the research center. You've done another great job on your blog...and it IS organized! Thanks so much for you willingness to share. I added the site to my favorites list and am looking forward to reading your posts! Robin