Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Edward Richmond 1825 Steuben, NY, Census

Another Richmond researcher, J. Richmond, sent this 1825 NY Steuben Co., Wayne Twp., census to me several years ago. It enumerates Edward Richmond next to his son James and daughters Rebecca (Truesdale) and Ruth(?). Here's Edward Richmond in my family tree online. Here's part of the dilemma as to Edward in my lineage.

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Here's the categories for the 1825 NY Census - Steuben Co. (found here):

1. head of Household
2. # of males in the family
3. # of females in the family
4. # number of family members subject to military duty 18-45 yrs of age
5. Members of family eligible to vote
6. Aliens or not naturalized (noted in remark section when applicable)
7. Paupers in Family (None in this census)
8. Persons of color not taxed (None)
9. Persons of color taxed (None)
10. Persons of color, taxed, that could vote (None)
11. married females less than 45 years of age (#married F<45)>

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