Thursday, October 25, 2007

Major General Stephen Dodson Ramseur

The story of Maj. General Stephen D. Ramseur and Ellen E. Richmond is nicely told here.
Stephen Ramseur was the son of Jacob & Lucy (Dodson) Ramseur; Ellen was the daughter of Caleb and Mary (Dodson) Richmond. Lucy Dodson and Mary Dodson were the daughters of Stephen L. & Mary (Smith) Dodson of Granville Co., NC.
See the link to the "Ramseur Parlor" and the "Richmond Parlor" at Woodside house.

Stephen Ramseur's ancestor was John Wilfong, a hero wounded at King's Mountain who also fought at Eutaw Springs.
Source: Peele, W. J.Lives of distinguished North Carolinians with illustrations and speeches Raleigh, N.C.: North Carolina Pub. Society, 1898, 620 pgs.

In 1900, Mary Dodson Ramseur, daughter of Stephen & Ellen (Richmond) Ramseur, was a boarder in the household of William Montgomery in Concord, Carrabus, North Carolina. Mary E. Dodson, born July 1855 in Texas, was also a border in that household.
Mary D. Ramseur, who never married, died in 1935.

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